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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


     For some decades now we have grown accustomed to the term neo-cons, referring to one-time Democrats, liberals, who as the 1960s wore on, questioned the leadership of that party.  As the Democrats turned to McGovern and the "Progressive" wing, proposing radical change and rejecting Cold-War solutions, the neo-cons, the new conservatives with liberal credentials, became an important sector of the Republican Party.
     Here, I am not going to detail the radical background of Barack Hussein Obama.  His mother was radical; his grandparents were happy to have him mentored by a member of the Communist Party in Hawaii; he was an advocate of critical race theories of law; he was friends with terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; Obama even appointed a Communist as one of his czars, Van Jones.  All this and more can be fleshed out in books and articles by others.
     More than simply listing his associates, one can see the "Progressive" aspects of his policies - aiming toward a government universal health care, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, supporting anti-Western leaders like President Morsi in Egypt, who allows persecution of Christians, assaults on women, and prepares for conflict with Israel; refusal to call jihadist terrorists by name and allows a terrorist army officer to get off as "work place violence''; allows the New Black Panther Party to intimidate voters and get away with it; ditto Black racist officials in Alabama and Mississippi; seeks to abridge the 2nd Amendment with new gun legislation, and worse, new gun regulations, etc.
     Now we are beginning to see why Obama should be viewed as a neo-Com, a neo-Communist.  As his progressive program loses support, he is beginning to use the methods of a tyrant to maintain power.  At first, he and his programs were popular, and the iron hand was not needed.  But now the steel fist is becoming visible through wear of the velvet glove.
     The attack on the free press,  most of which is in his camp, is evident with his tapping into the Associated Press reporters' wires.  And Fox News reporter Rosen had not only his, but his parents phones tapped.  And there will undoubtedly be more revelations.
     And the Internal Revenue Service was used to harass conservatives.  They can sing and dance around the subject, and Obama can lie about how he favors a free press (so long as it adores him), but Obama's crowd prevented conservative groups from getting tax exempt status, status given routinely to Left wing organizations.  Worse, information collected by the IRS was then passed onto Left-wing groups, one a Democratic-Party front funded by billionarie George Soros.  Other information was passed from a group that supports the traditional family to GLAAD, a gay-lesbian group.  How much other information was passed from conservatives applying for tax-exempt status to their enemies on the Left who had such status?  Some of the questions asked by IRS were outrageous.  And if this did not raise sufficient fear in the conservatives so that they might disband, the FBI was sicced onto some of those applying.  These are police state tactics.  These were the tactics of early Communist regimes.
     Then there are the lies about the killings in Benghazi - lies that the liberal, Obama-loving media helped to promote.  Hillary assured the parents of the killed that the film maker would be jailed.  Egyptian President Morsi demanded the anti-Muslim, Christian film maker be jailed.  The film maker had nothing to do with the murders in Benghazi.  But Obama's feds raided his home in the middle of the night, and that Christian film maker is still in jail.
     Can they come for us?  Obama wants us to surrender our guns.  In reality, he wants us to surrender.  His view of government is that the Progressive way is the only way; opposition should be crushed.  Use the IRS. Use the FBI.  Give guns to Mexican drug lords (Fast and Furious), allow them for street corner hoodlums, but confiscate them from law-abiding American citizens.
     Obama is showing that he is a neo-Com.  A neo-Communist.  He moves from Progressive policies, which inevitably fail, to the need to suppress opponents of those policies, and then, stealthily, he moves toward tyranny.
                 Hugh Murray
PS - The supermarket weekly, The Globe, ran a headline this past week, "Obama Worse the Nixon."  True, but look at the bright side.  Perhaps the headline should have been, "Obama, - Not as Bad as Stalin, Yet."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whitewashing History: Jews of Hungary

A Jewish renaissance, tucked away in a Budapest apartment

Budapest's Teleki Square synagogue has survived two World Wars, the rise of the 'anti-Zionist' Jobbik party, and rotting fixtures – and is now part of a resurgent Jewish community....

Strange, the article mentions nothing of the time when Jews ruled Hungary.  Following WWI Communists, under Bela Kun, who was Jewish, came to power.  Almost all the leaders of this revolutionary government were also Jews.  They hoped to link with the armies of the Bolsheviki, but the Reds of the east were pushed back, and Kun's Communist overthrown.  Perhaps, one reason for Horthy's anti-Jewish laws was the connection between Jews and Communism.
Again, after WWII many in the Hungarian Communist secret police were Jews.  So much so that during the 1956 uprising against the Communists, commentators on the Left like Herbert Aptheker, and on the Right like David Irving considered it to be a revolt against the Jews.
This history should be considered when discussing the history of Hungary and Jews. 

(I rarely comment to respond to others, but this time I did.  In 2 of my responses, I urged people to read an article from a Jewish academic journal, and my "Affirmative Action and the Nazis."  In both of my responses, a word was changed.  In both, the word "Nazis" became "#$%$."  So now, for the politically correct, are there 2 "n" words?  Too words so horrible we may not utter or write them?  Ah, free speech!!)

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    imz14u2c  •  9 mins ago Report Abuse
    Your post WWII history is obviously made up as the Hungarian Jews were wiped out in the war. What bogus historical text did you pull this from?

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    Hugh Murray • a second agoRemove
    Clearly not all Hungarian Jews were killed during WWII. George Soros, the millionaire Left winger who subsidizes many front groups in the US, is one example.
    I do not say that all Jews joined the Hungarian Communist secret police, but surely they were a much larger percentage of the police-state apparatus than non Jews. In the US a Hungarian Communist publishing house issued a book maintaining that the 1956 uprising was simply anti-Semitic.
    Try to go beyond the narrow box of liberal ideology/his

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    S john  •  1 day 23 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Matyas Rakosi was of what religion?

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    Hugh Murray  •  1 day 23 hrs ago
    Clearly not all Hungarian Jews were killed during WWII. George Soros, the millionaire Left winger who subsidizes many front groups in the US, is one example.
    I do not say that all Jews joined the Hungarian Communist secret police, but surely they were a much larger percentage of the... More

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    peter  •  1 day 23 hrs ago Report Abuse
    @S John He was jewish.

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    JonS  •  1 day 22 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Rakosi was born Jewish but publicly repudiated his religion. Bela Kun had a Jewish father and a Christian mother but was brought up Christian and educated at a Christian school. Whether or not any person has some Jewish ethnicity in his lineage is hardly a valid excuse for anti-semitism.

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    imz14u2c  •  1 day 22 hrs ago Report Abuse
    This #$%$ is all from David Irving, the holocaust denier and racist as found by English courts.

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    Hugh Murray  •  1 day 22 hrs ago
    Herbert Aptheker was a leading member of the Communist Party USA and said the 1956 uprising in Hungary was simply anti-Semitic.

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    BG  •  1 day 22 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Soros has made quite a few antisemitic remarks. He does not consider himself to be a Jew.
    According to the opened Soviet archives, after the 1917 Soviet revolution, about 1% of commies were Jews. By 1940, that number was down to 0.1%. After the WWII, it was miniscule. In the leadership, the... More

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    ellie  •  1 day 17 hrs ago Report Abuse
    I am Jewish, so here's some history. David Ben Gurion (Israel's founding father) and the zionists were avowed socialists because Germany represented its opposite-fascism. However, they flatly rejected communism. Most Jews who were communists, disavowed their religion per communist teaching. There... More

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    Hugh Murray  •  1 day 13 hrs ago
    In regard to Bela Kun's Communist government in Hungary following WWI: Concerning the leadership in Kun’s revolutionary government—“ . . . of 48 Peoples’ Commissars . . . 30 were Jewish, as were 161 of its 202 highest officials.” W. D. Rubinstein, “Jews in the Economic Elites of Western Nations... More

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    Hugh Murray  •  1 day 13 hrs ago
    On how few Jews were Communists, one might note, how influential Jews were in the Communist movement. Lenin had a Jewish grandfather. AndNot counting Lenin, of the seven members of the early Politburo, four were Jews—Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Sverdlov. Furthermore, after Lenin’s death, the... More

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    BG  •  1 day 6 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Every single quote you have posted so far was made up. Why stop now?

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    Ella  •  1 day 2 hrs ago Report Abuse
    I can't even believe Soros, is a Jew. If he truly is it's only by birth, there's nothing Jewish left in him and he refuses to be considered as such himself. And you could find a lot of people that have Jewish ancestors. Is this how you plan to explain how Jews are responsible for all the ills of... More

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    Brian  •  21 hrs ago Report Abuse
    According the the anti-semites who have posted, European Jews were converted Khazars. Now they are Communists. Seems to me, the anti-smites can't keep their litany of lies straight, let alone keep a straight face when they try to pass off lies as historical facts. The truth wins out every time.... More

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    Hugh Murray  •  21 hrs ago
    Read the Jewish Journal of Sociology, the citation I gave for the quote about Jews in the Hungarian Communist regime of Bela Kun. Read my "Affirmative Action and the #$%$" for more material. I do not make up quotations. Some simply reject history that does not fit with their ideology. That is... More

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    BG  •  16 hrs ago Report Abuse
    Interesting... On neonazi sites, the as)hols look for no excuses. They are simpletons, antisemitic dirt.
    Here, on Yahoo boards, the as)wipes cover themselves in pretenses, but once you strip away their covers, you see the same, though pretentious, filth.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CBS News Avoids Lerner's not Wanting to Incriminate Herself at IRS

CBS-TV Nightly News managers:
  Tonight's CBS News begins with Ms. Lerner denying she did anything wrong at IRS.  Fine.  But you never show her stating that she declined to answer any further questions on the grounds that that may incriminate her.  Instead, you state that she took the 5th.  Many Americans have no idea what the 5th Amendment is.  She is afraid of incriminating herself!  One can assume there was criminal activity at IRS.  And the targeting of those presumed to be enemies of Obama by the bullying Administration is criminal.  It is Obama' enemies list, and the IRS bullies who enforce the punishments.
   Your pro-Democratic news reports, your interfering with your own reporter's investigation of Benghazi, your refusal to stand up for the 1st Amendment against the Obama Administration's efforts to curb whistle-blowers, -- all this adds up to a totally biased newscast.  I thought it might change when Curry(spell?) left (I never watched during her anchorage).  Unfortunately, you seem back in the Obama fold.
            Hugh Murray   

Friday, May 17, 2013

Should scientific research on race and IQ be banned?

   John Horgan, writing in the Scientific American believes such research should be banned!  John Horgan writes: "But research on race and intelligence—no matter what its conclusions are—seems to me to have no redeeming value."  Horgan is wrong.  Here is why.  Government policies of affirmative action preferences and privileges for Blacks and Hispanics are all based on the assumption that all groups are equally gifted in all fields, including intelligence.  Since Blacks and Hispanics cannot pass the same tests that require intelligence, government demands quotas to give them a percentage of jobs, university posts, CEO positions, close to their percentage of the population.
    What if the government policies and assumptions are based on a lie?  Science can search and discover.  Science has never found all the races of equal intelligence.  So affirmative action in fields of intelligence is unscientific, unrealistic, and discriminatory against whites and Asians who, as groups, are more intelligent.
   Equal opportunity does not mean giving special privileges to Blacks and Hispanics so the outcome will  end with an equal result.
   Science can expose the fallacies of government and its unfair, unjust policies - denying equal opportunity to better qualified whites and Asians because of a false theory that all races are equal in all fields.  Science proves the lie of the government policies.  Science can undermine the propaganda of the adademedia complex that reinforces the lie and the liberal policies to expand it.  Science shows the liberals have created a skyscraper of privilege for some (the pets of the elite) and oppression for (others, poor whites and Asians); a liberal tower built on sand and lies.  The sooner it crumbles, the better.  Let science expose the lies and the oppression.  The government, and the liberals, are the real bullies.

Letter to NYT on-line

  1. There is now so much to expose about the Obama Administration, why waste time on minor differences? That the IRS not only used different criteria to determine the tax status of conservative organizations, but that it gave information gathered from conservative groups to radical Left-wing groups so it could be used against the conservatives.  And we are supposed to believe none of the higher ups knew of this.

    Hillary Clinton & Obama's lies about the video causing the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. And the Democrats still lie about it.

    And the Obama Administration's attempts to prevent a transparent government through stopping leaks and whistle blowers by 1) demoting them, as happened to State Dept. officials when they told the truth about Benghazi, and 2) the massive Associated Press wire taps.

    When you add to this, the misuse of the regulatory state on environmental issues, the waste of money on solar corporations and electric cars, and the horrors coming with ObamaCare. The woman in charge of much of the criminal, anti-tea party activity at IRS has been promoted by Obama to head the Obamacare division of IRS. Sarah Palin may prove to have been only half right - the death panels of ObamaCare will only exist for conservatives seeking health care from the IRS. 

Friday, May 3, 2013


     "My New Orleans Story," Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, is really one story about my personal encounters or connections with several figures accused of somehow being involved in the murder of President John Kennedy.  The parts should be read in sequence, 1, 2, 3, 4.  The first part describes the atmosphere in New Orleans in November 1963 and my reactions to events.  Part 2 provides a little more information about Guy Banister.  Part 3 more on David Ferrie.  Part 4 on Mafia boss Carlos Marcello.
     Simply scroll down to read all 4 parts in order.
     I am adding this title in the hope that those interested in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy might more readily find this material on the internet.  Although I have published some of this material in articles, or been quoted about it in several books, I have never had it all together.-------Hugh Murray