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Sunday, September 18, 2011


            Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor, a Democrat, last week called for a boycott of Andy’s Gas Station, located in her district.  The reason for the boycott – the owner of the station has contributed to Republican candidates.  When questioned about her urging of this and other boycotts, like Georgia Pacific, Dixie Cups, etc., she spoke of the need to support democracy. 
Sen. Taylor is really openly advocating extortion.  If the gas station is boycotted, it might go out of business, a bad sign in her district that includes many unemployed.  But if the owner succumbs to her threats, and stops supporting the Republicans, then what?  Will Sen. Taylor not demand that he positively contribute to “democracy” and the Democratic Party, and her campaign in particular.  This is extortion.  Sen. Taylor, is not interested in promoting democracy; on the contrary, she aims to restrict any and all who oppose her political views.  This is how she treats the minority in her district.
And what happened earlier in 2011.  When she and her Democratic colleagues were the minority in the State Legislature, she was among several who fled the state, to prevent a quorum, and thereby obstruct the majority of the people and the majority of the Wisconsin legislature.
Not only did the Democrats induce thousands to occupy much of the Wisconsin State Legislature earlier this year, making democracy almost impossible by shouting, drumming, singing, and at times hurling insults at legislators with whom they disagree or wrestling guards who tried to prevent them pushing inside the building.
The nonsense and intimidation continued even after the Democrats failed to defeat a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge and then failed to win a majority in the State Senate in recall elections.  But even into the night the wackos sit outside the State Capitol building in Madison drumming and shouting and disturbing the peace.
One bully daily drives his car in front of the home of Gov. Walker and honks and flips the finger and hurls insults.  National Rep. Ryan of Wisconsin has been insulted by other crazies while he tries to eat with family in friends in a restaurant.  And last week, while several Republican state legislators were enjoying drinks at a pub across the street from the Capitol, some more unruly nuts poured beer on the head of one, and it spilt onto others.
The Democrats are so certain that their way is the only way, they do not believe in dissent.  And they will bully, intimidate, extort, to get their way.  This is what Acorn used to do to bank executives.  And of course, Obama, the community organizer, probably favored such intimidation.  When Glenn Beck went to a concert in a New York park, a Leftist poured wine down the back of his wife.
In some areas of Wisconsin, union leaders declared that Republicans were not welcome in the Labor Day Parades.  One mayor retorted that if the city paid for the parade, all were welcome.  And if Republicans were excluded, then the city would not pay.
The Democrats are using bullying tactics because they know their policies are unpopular.  They do not believe in free speech and shout down speakers who disagree with them on university campuses.
Last week in Madison, WI, an organization that supports civil rights had sued the U. of Wisconsin Madison because it denies equal opportunity to whites and Asians, and gives favoritism to Hispanics and Blacks.  Naturally, the liberal university sought to hide its methods of discrimination.  The organization sued the university and had to go all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court before the university was forced to reveal its methods and the extent of its racist, discriminatory practices.  Last week a spokesman of the organization was to present the results of their efforts to the public.  Leftwing protestors were at first outside the hotel where the event was to occur, but eventually one broke in and then others, people being tackled, and the press conference was disrupted and ended.
Simply, the Democrats do not believe in free speech.  They do not believe in equal opportunity, if that means an equal opportunity for whites and Asians.  They do not believe in allowing people to contribute to the party of their choice, without fear of losing a job or going out of business.  Democrats do believe they have the right to pour wine on opponents, pour beer on opponents, throw pies at opponents, disturb the neighborhoods in which opponents reside, disturb the piece, and use thuggery to advance their narrow views.
Republican should begin to introduce legislation to end the thuggery.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Trade Center stairs, 9/11, and Hugh Murray

There are times when we are not always aware of the importance of our own words.  In the early 1980s I worked in New York City in the World Trade Center.  One day, the elevators were broken, and rather than await the repairs, (a huge crowd was already waiting to board the elevators to get to work too), I chose to walk up to the office located on the 38th floor.  After the 9th floor, there were no more lights in the stairwell.  Around the 11th floor, I placed y hand before my face, but could not see it.  It was that dark.  One could hear the building sway with the wind, the heavy grinding of the metal so it could be flexible.  Going up, I had to grip the rail, and because employees in the building often did not want to go all the way down to eat lunch, or remain at their desks, some would eat on the stairwell, and leave their empty bottles and other trash.  When lit, it was easy to avoid such impediments.  But in the blackened stairwell, for each step, I had to use my foot as a broom, to push any item on which I might trip away to the side.  I reached my office on the 38th floor, gripping the handrail at each step in the pitch dark.  When I opened the door on the 38 floor, all the office lights were functioning normally and the early crew was working as usual.  I was stunned that the electricity for the elevators and the lights for the stairs might be on the same circuit, malfunctioning at the same time.  I complained at that time to my union representative, and may have written my complaint to OCEA, a government agency that might handle such problems.  However, shortly thereafter I left the job, and never knew the outcome of my complaint.

With the bombing of the WTC in 1993, I was shocked to see TV reports that the lights were off in the stairs.  This time I complained to the newspapers, and my letter was published in the NY POST, 8 March 1993, “WTC: Dark Stairwells and Other Lapses.”  The same letter was published in the New York DAILY NEWS, 18 March 1993, p. 42.   It was also published in NY NEWSDAY.  I did not think these letters important at the time, though the combined circulation of the three newspapers was about 2 million.  Noteworthy, I did not include these publications in my bibliography.

Then September 11, 2001!  INVESTOR’S DAILY noted the changes in the stairwells.  “In 1993, it took six hours to evacuate most of the Trade Center after terrorists detonated a bomb in an underground garage,…After the bombing, however, batteries were added to every other light fixture in stairwells…Handrails were painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, which was used to mark a continuous stripe down the middle of the staircases.”  The newspaper concluded, “…, despite missteps, evacuation was cut by several hours.”  I am quite proud.  I suspect that my letters may have helped spur these improvements, which on 9-11 may have saved many lives.

We can never be sure of the consequences of our actions, or inactions.  But sometimes we can be proud of what we thought were minor acts.  That is much better than grieving because we failed to do something simple.

Friday, September 9, 2011

History Channel, LBJ and the John Kennedy Assassination

   According to a British newspaper, Jackie Kennedy expressed her suspicions that Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination of her husband, John Kennedy, will be revealed when tapes from the era are released next week.  This will be televised on ABC-TV in the US.  Interestingly, the History Channel several years ago ran an hour-long program centering an a mistress of Lyndon who maintained he was responsible for the murder of President Kennedy.  After complaints, probably from the court historians and court politicians, History announced it would no longer telecast that hour for it diminished the high standards of the channel.  So rather than impugn the integrity of former President Johnson, History Channel runs hours of such high-level programs like Ancient Aliens.
   On the other side, the History Channel pulled out of a biographical program on the Kennedys when the family objected.  There was speculation that the writing was too Republican.  Although Katie Holmes and other stars were featured in the film, it was not shown on History Channel.
   It is interesting that at least two riders in the limo in which JFK was killed, his wife and Gov. Connely of Texas, did not believe the official lone-nut story of the assassination.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jobs Bill for America: Not Obama's

            Tonight President Obama presented his “Jobs Bill” to Congress and the American people.  His proposal exposed that he is not really interested in creating jobs for Americans.
            America has been losing jobs to foreigners for decades.  Obama and the liberal Republicans seem to believe there is nothing, or little, that America can do to stem the tide.  Obama and the liberal Republicans are WRONG.
            There are an estimated 10 to 15 million illegal aliens in the United States.  Either they are working or they are not.  If they are working, they are foreigners who do not belong in the United States.  They should not be working here; they should not be here.  Deport them.  Many of those millions of jobs in construction and factories could then be filled by Americans.
            If the illegals are not working, they may be on welfare of some kind or another.  Deport them.  This will save hospitals, schools, and welfare agencies considerable sums of money.  If they are in jail, when they have served their time, deport them.  They do not belong in the US to break our laws again.
            To provide greater protection for American workers, the government would have to hire more Border Patrollers, more Immigration inspectors, and people to construct a wall where necessary on the border with Mexico.
            The result of my proposal would be millions of more Americans employed, replacing illegal foreign labor.  Furthermore, many welfare agencies would save considerable sums now spent on illegals.  Finally, there would be a safer border to protect Americans from further invasions of illegals who may want out welfare, our jobs, to distort or destroy our culture, or who may simply be terrorists.  America would be safer, and more prosperous with my job proposal.  Can the same be said of Obama’s?
                        Hugh Murray