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Sunday, July 22, 2018

TRUMP, PUTIN & THE CIA, past and present

by Hugh Murray

How could Pres. Trump indicate he would believe Russian leader Vladimir Putin over American intelligence agency reports over Russian meddling in the 2016 American presidential election? How could an American president think the Russians are more truthful than America's own Intel agencies? The New York Daily News gave its judgement of Trump the very next day in a banner headline: TREASON. Former CIA director under Pres. Obama, John Brennan also found Trump's conference in Helsinki with Putin to be treasonous. Former Sec. of State John Kerry deemed Trump's actions there disgraceful. Other Democrats found it shameful. Democrats and the usual Republican fellow-travelers, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Rubio were equally strong in their condemnation of Trump. How could Trump be so skeptical of American Intel? Perhaps he has been reading some of the recent files that the Trump Admin. has opened to the public, and which the American Intel. agencies wanted kept secret for many more years.

Sometimes, Pres. Trump has had to compromise with this Deep State of Intel office holders against him. When it was time to open up the files on the JFK assassination to the public, CIA and other Intel agencies urged him to keep the files secret. Trump released some of them last year, and about 50,000 more in April 2018. But again, at the request of the Intel groups, some files remained secret.

Happily, Jerry Kroth has scanned many of the most recently opened JFK files. On a Youtube video of about 1 ½ hours, Kroth discusses some of the surprising findings among these files. Thus, in Europe in 2 separate locations, 2 American soldiers came across startling information. Both had security clearance, and both worked with cryptography. In Metz, France, Eugene Dinkin read messages stating that Pres. Kennedy would be assassinated in Texas on 28 November 1963. He heard several names associated with the plot: William Harvey, CIA recruiter of assassins; Guy Banister, then in New Orleans, FBI, CIA, staunch anti-communist; and Jean Souetre, French-Corsican hit-man. He wanted to warn Atty Gen. Robert Kennedy of the conspiracy, but worried that a letter would not reach the brother of the president. So, he left France for Switzerland, went to a UN press room and sought to reveal what he had discovered to the media. The American Army moved in quickly, returned him to France, and placed him in a mental instituion nearby until he could be returned to one in the US. He would be in such an instituion for several months.

David Christensen worked at a CIA listening base inside a RAF base in Scotland. In late October early November 1963 he too learned of the plot to kill Kennedy. When he told some of his fellow soldiers, he too was then discovered to be mentally insane and instituionalized for at least 6 months. Kroth asks, if they were simply nut cases, why were the files kept in secret for over 50 years? (Kroth Youtube video is called, “The Kennedy Assassination: What Really Happened? Beginning around 11 minutes into video. Also, 21st Century, Jerry Kroth, “The Released JFK File After Half a Century.”) [I certainly do not agree with him on everything, basically labeling Pres. Kennedy as mentally ill simply because he had 33 sexual liasons in a year while married. I am a nerd, and laugh when fellow nerds jealously condemn alpha males because they are successful at bedding many mates. Kroth seems almost as bad as the army that found Dinkin and Christensen mentally ill because they wanted to warn Kennedy about the plot! Would Kroth have sought to institutionalize Kennedy because of the number of his girl friends?)

In the 46th minute of the Youtube, Kroth discusses an important finding of the late Harold Weisberg. During a meeting of the Warren Commision, former CIA head Allen Dulles remarked that there had been reports of a document showing Lee Oswald was a paid FBI informant. Dulles adds, we took care of that; we destroyed it. The CIA was not only involved in the plot, it was involved in the cover-up.

In the 49th minute of the video, Kroth discusses a meeting in September 1963 in Dallas between a major CIA figure, David Atlee Phillips, Antonio Veciana (leader of militantly anti-Castor Alpha 66, and Lee Oswald. The audio is poor, but I think Kroth asserts that Phillips was paying Veciana over $270,000. (Meanwhile Oswald would soon land a job at the school depository building earning $1.25 and hour. Assuming Phillips was Oswald's handler, too, he must have been giving him some funds, but probably off the books. If there were any easy record, Allen Dulles would have sought to destroy them.)

On 19 April 1996 Marina Oswald Porter wrote to the AARB, the Assassinations Review Board with a number of requests. In one she notes that the FBI had prior warning of the assassination of Pres. Kennedy. This is from her letter:

The full particulars and original of the teletype received by Mr. William Walter in the New Orleans FBI office on the morning of November 17, 1963, warning of a possible assassination attempt on President Kennedy in Dallas. I now believe that my former husband met with the Dallas FBI on November 16, 1963, and provided informant information on which this teletype was based.” During the Garrison Investigation in New Orleans, Walter appeared on local television to discuss the teletype that warned of an impending attempt, but he said the message never seemed to go out on the national wire.

It does not come from the recent files, but a soldier was viewing the Kennedy procession in Dallas when he heard a shot fly by his shoulder and his left ear. He hit the dirt to get out of the way. He was standing on the grassy knoll, and thought the shots came from behind him. Gordon Arnold had taken some photographs, but police approached him and took them. He did not have to be assigned to a mental ward, because he was already under order to go to Alaska on the 24th.

The point of this is to emphasize that elements of American Intelligence were involved, crucially, in the overthrow of the elected government of the United States on 22 November 1963. And the hostility of some elements of American Intel to Pres. Trump is obvious. They sought to prevent him from becoming president, and they have sought to hobble him after he was elected. There is good reason for Trump to be skeptical of major elements of American Intel. Just think again about Dallas.

And though Kroth does not mention it in his video, Dallas was not the first CIA coup during November 1963. On 1 November the military in South Viet Nam began to move against its President, Ngo Dinh Diem. On 2 November, in a Catholic Church in Saigon's China Town, Diem called for help. The army promised to send relief. The armed vehicles came, but they were there to kill Diem, and his brother and advisor, Ngo Dinh Nhu was also killed. The CIA, which had supplied the rebels with money, could be happy with the new leader of government, Duong Van Minh. But as the victorious coup in Vietnam was being celebrated, the chatter on the secret encripted lines were already discussing another coup – in Texas later that same month. Two coups in one month led to a very costly war in SE Asia, and a disaster on the American home front. In November 1963 the CIA had a few problems. Two soldiers in Europe; problems solved when they are declared 2 coo-coos. Later two successful coups, and this history of America and Vietnam is changed. But for the better, or worse?

At the press conference that followed the Trump-Putin summit meeting on 16 July 2018, a correspondent asked Trump a pointed, difficult question. It went: according to Pres. Putin, the Russians did not meddle in the 2018 presidential election in the US, but according to all of the American intelligence agencies, the Russians did indeed interfere. Pres. Trump, whom do you believe? Russian Pres. Putin or American Intelligence agencies? This question put Trump on the spot – as the hostile media meant it to do. Should he call Putin a liar, or imply that American intelligence agencies lies? Put on the spot by the enemy media, Trump waffled. He did not really answer the question.

Trump's non-answer brought down an avalanch of hostile criticism. The American President should have supported American Intel and either implied or openly denounced Putin as a liar. Anything less was treasonous! Almost all Democrats denounced Trump in this manner. Many of the former “Never Trumpers” were trotted out for their daily TV comments, all to denounced Trump for caving to the Russians. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and other pro-amnesty for invaders also had another opportunity to criticize Trump, also.

Pres. Obama's former head of the CIA, John O. Brennan, a man who had voted in 1976 for Gus Hall for president, the candidate of the Communist Party, USA, now unleashed increasingly vindictive comments to categorize Trump's performance in Finland. Brennan, in 2014, was criticized for allowing CIA operatives to hack into Congressional computers to gather information on Congressmen and their staffs. It was illegal, and tyrannical, but Brennan was head of the CIA under Obama. Indeed, Brennan may have be selected for that post because of his left-wing background. Obama had a mentor as a teenager in Hawaii who wrote for the CP newspaper on the islands, and who was a member of the American Communist Party. In Chicago, he was friends with former Weather Underground terrorists. Brennan, who had voted for the Communists, and who may have even been a Communist, was a natural for Obama to select to head the CIA.

In the 2018 election, there were some who saw Russian attempts to meddle. But under Pres. Obama, little was done. When the Democratic National Committee computers were hacked, the Democrats would not permit the FBI to examine those computers. The DNC had been involved in rigging the primaries for Hillary Clinton and against her challenger, Bernie Sanders, and Podesta and Rep. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, Posesta preferred to hide their guilt away from FBI's. Indeed, W-S had hired a Pakistni who absconded the country with many of the files from the Democratic computers, and also files on many of their Congressional representatives.
During the campaign, members of the FBI colluded with Brennan and others using fake files paid for by the Hillary campaign, in order to plant spies in the Trump campaign. FBI leader James Comey during the campaign read to the press a long list of violations of law committed by Hillary Clinton with her private server, and then Comey, on his own, reinterpreted the clear words of the law to let Hillary off the hook. Other FBI agents asserted that they would not let Trump become president. Their hatred of Trump was clear, even toward his voters who had the stench of Walmart on them.

After Trump was elected Pres. In November 2016, to the shock of the liberal media and the American Intel groups, a new plot to prevent him from achieving the power of his office was plotted. When Trump rightly fired Comey, Comey reacted in a way hoping a special prosecutor would be appointed. Rod Rosenstein almost immediately appointed Robert Mueller to that special post. The media lauded Mueller, despite his ruthless past in twisting prosecuting into persecution. Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, all had a past together. And they would work to undermine and destroy Trump's presidency during the next 2 years.

They continue to do so. They now think calling Trump a traitor and tool of Putin will drive him from power. But will it? The New York Daily News that bannered the headline TRAITOR the day after Helsinki, one week later fired half its staff, as the newspaper declined. Some liberal network reporters are stunned when they interview Trump voters who remain Trump supporters after Helsinki. Americans will have a chance to vote for a new Congress in November 2018. I hope Trump will remain healthy for a long time, and despite calls for violence, there will be no replay of Dallas.

I am not asserting that the American Intel groups are the worst. Not at all. All powerful nations have intel agencies, some better, some worse. Ours is not the worst. Yet, it is time we realize these agencies were involved in the assassination of an elected president, and partook in the coverup, amounting to a coup. Most times, they can be law-abiding, but they can go rogue, they can lie about weapons of mass destruction and other things. They have overthrown at least one elected president! They can have utter contempt for the American people, even if we do smell of Walmart! The CIA can have a lean and hungry look. When Trump supports the US Constitution first, he champions the best of America. He should be wary of extremely powerful groups.