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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


     In Southern California, many know now that Elliot Rodgers, a 22-year-old student, went on a killing spree.  What is amazing is some of the reactions to this event.  Salon, the lefty web site, published an article blaming the killing on white male privilege, and the Washington Post ran a somewhat similar article.
     Elliot Rodgers was a handsome young man; his father was English, and his mother Chinese.  Why does a man only half white become white?  Because most deem him evil!  Why does the half Hispanic George Zimmerman become white?  Because the Left considers him evil!  Why does the half white Barack Hussein Obama remain Black?  Because the Left (which dislikes whites), considers Obama good.  So he is Black.
     The father of Rodgers and others immediately strike up the agitation for gun control.  His murder spree is the fault of lack of gun control.  Yet, Rodger's first 3 victims were not shot - they were killed with knives and a hammer.  And he tried to kill others with his BMW.  Should we ban knives?  Ban hammers?  Ban automobiles?  Did the hammer cause the murder?  Neither did the guns.
     The feminists are shown on television complaining about the war on women and this is one more example.  Rodgers did hate women who rejected him.  He planned to murder many.  His manifesto elaborates how women have been cruel to him, rejecting him, and he will not get his revenge.
     But the first 3 victims of Rodgers were men.  Two were his roommates, and one a visitor.  All 3 of them were Asian.  In planning his murder spree, Rodgers admitted if he liked the roommates, it might be more difficult.  But they were ugly.  They had terrible voices.  They were the worst of nerds.  He would enjoy killing them.  He did kill them.  But nowhere in the media does one hear about a war on nerds.  Or a war on the uglies (and not everyone would consider his roommates ugly).  Or a war on Asians.  Rodgers then killed another male and later, himself.  So of the 7 dead, 5 were men, 2 were women.  However, only the feminists get to push their agenda that all men are rapists, or planning to rape, or other criminal types.  The media provides the feminists the forums to propagate their anti-male messages.
     There is little doubt that Elliot Rodgers enjoyed economic privilege.  I watched one of his videos on Youtube.  He had his BMW, why he had even bought a pair of Armani sunglasses for $300.  How is it, he asks incredulously, that no woman will fall for him?  He asserts that he is "fabulous"  He is oblivious to how obnoxious he is in that video.  He is young and handsome, but his parents undoubtedly gave him the money for the sunglasses and car.  Worse, he showed no interest in most women.  He wanted a trophy lady, preferably blond, blue-eyed, and perfect figure.  He probably viewed most women like he viewed his roommates, ugly with terrible voices.  And it seems most of the beautiful blonds were unimpressed with the arrogant bastard even if he had $300 Armani sunglasses.
     The problem in America is not guns.  The problem is trying to find the right balance so that crazy people can be committed to mental institutions.  "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" implied that people inside the crazy houses were just as sane as those on the outside.  And America began to close its mental institutions.  Most crazies were set free.  And it became almost impossible to commit a lunatic.  Parents were helpless trying to have children committed; so were other relatives.  The result was that crazies were often on the streets, reducing the quality of life for everyone else, until they were arrested and placed in jail.  They did not belong in jail.  They belong in mental institutions.
     Elliot Rodgers should have been committed to a mental institution.  He became a crazy killer.  He used guns, knives, and a car to kill.  Guns are not the problem.  America does not know how to handle the mentally ill.
    Of course, some may be on the US Supreme Court.  The high court is so determined to prevent justice to murderers, so determined to prevent the death penalty (which murderers justly deserve), that now the court ruled a murderer need not be too crazy or too mentally deficient to avoid the death penalty.  The Supreme Court is clearly wrong again.  If a crazy or an idiot murders, all the more reason to execute them.  They are even less likely to learn the evil of their deed that a mentally stable murderer.
           Hugh Murray

Thursday, May 22, 2014


   [The first article is taken from the vdare site.  The next two from the American Renaissance site.  Together, these article demonstrate the anti-white racism that pervades the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.--Hugh Murray]

How America Treats Illegal Aliens vs. Veterans

Q: Which Group Gets The Government Benefits? A: The likely Obama voters.”
A government that fails to secure its borders is guilty of dereliction of duty. A government that fails to care for our men and women on the frontlines is guilty of malpractice. A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted for criminal neglect bordering on treason.
Compare, contrast and weep:
In Sacramento, Calif., lawmakers are moving forward with a budget-busting plan to extend government-funded health insurance to at least 1.5 million illegal aliens.
In Los Angeles, federal bureaucrats callously canceled an estimated40,000 diagnostic tests and treatments for American veterans withcancer and other illnesses to cover up a decade-long backlog.
In New York, doctors report that nearly 40 percent of their patients receiving kidney dialysis are illegal aliens. A survey of nephrologistsin 44 states revealed that 65 percent of them treat illegal aliens withkidney disease.
In Memphis, a VA whistleblower reported that his hospital was usingcontaminated kidney dialysis machines to treat America’s warriors. The same hospital previously had been investigated for chronic overcrowding at its emergency room, leading to six-hour waits or longer. Another watchdog probe found unconscionable delays in processing lab tests at the center. In addition, three patients died under negligent circumstances, and the hospital failed to enforce accountability measures.
In Arizona, illegal aliens incurred health care costs totaling an estimated $700 million in 2009.
In Phoenix, at least 40 veterans died waiting for VA hospitals and clinics to treat them, while government officials created secret waiting lists to cook the books and deceive the public about deadly treatment delays.
At the University of California at Berkeley, UC President Janet Napolitano (former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security) has offered $5 million in financial aid to illegal alien students. Across the country, 16 states offer in-state tuition discounts for illegal aliens: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. In addition, the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education, the University of Hawaii Board of Regents and the University of Michigan Board of Regents all approved their own illegal alien tuition benefits.
In 2013, the nation’s most selective colleges and universities had enrolled just 168 American veterans, down from 232 in 2011. Anti-war activists have waged war on military recruitment offices at elite campuses for years. The huge influx of illegal aliens in state universities is shrinking the number of state-subsidized slots for vets.
In 2013, the Obama Department of Homeland Security released 36,007 known, convicted criminal illegal aliens, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The catch-and-release beneficiaries include thugs convicted of homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and thousands of drunk or drugged driving crimes.
The same Department of Homeland Security issued a report in 2009 that identified returning combat veterans as worrisome terrorist and criminal threats to America.
In Washington, Big Business and open-borders lobbyists are redoubling efforts to pass another massive illegal alien amnesty to flood the U.S. job market with low-wage labor.
Across the country, men and women in uniform returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan have higher jobless rates than the civilian population. The unemployment rate for new veterans has spiked to its worst levels, nearing 15 percent. For veterans ages 24 and under, the jobless rate is a whopping 29.1 percent, compared to 17.6 percent nationally for the age group.
A Forbes columnist reported last year that an Air Force veteran was told: “We don’t hire your kind.”
And last December, Democrats led the charge to reduce cost-of-living increases in military pensions — while blocking GOP Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ efforts to close a $4.2 billion loophole that allowsillegal aliens to collect child tax credits from the IRS, even if they pay no taxes. The fraudulent payments to illegal aliens would have offset the cuts to veterans’ benefits.
America: medical and welfare welcome mat to the rest of the world, while leavings its best and bravest veterans to languish in hospital lounges, die waiting for appointments, and compete for jobs and educational opportunities against illegal border-crossers, document fakers, visa violators and deportation evaders. Shame on us.
Michelle Malkin [email her] is the author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s review. Click here for Michelle Malkin`s website. Michelle Malkin is also author ofUnhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild and Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies.

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, May 20, 2014
An organization that published a list of 29 “Pitfalls of Working With White People” that was circulated at a diversity conference earlier this year received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Daily Caller has learned.
Beyond Diversity Resource Center, based in New Jersey, is listed as a partner organization for the White Privilege Conference which was held in Madison, Wisc. in March.
One of the “pitfalls” listed on the Center’s pamphlet, published by the website Progressives Today, is that white people “ask stupid questions”.
The diversity group, which claims that it “works to build a society that honors individuals because of their cultural differences”, wrote on the pamphlet that whites “benefit financially off the backs of people of color.”
White people “are arrogant”, they “say something stupid” and “get too friendly too fast,” the diversity center’s pamphlet claims.
The organization has published several books on diversity and racism including “The Anti-Racist Cookbook” and “The Great White Elephant”. They also lead educational seminars and workshops throughout the country.
And an increasing share of their funding has come from the federal government–mainly the U.S. Department of Justice.
In fiscal year 2011, the center received a $250,000 grant from the Office on Violence Against Women, which falls under the DOJ.
In Aug. 2012, they received a $249,479 grant from the Office for Victims of Crimes to conduct “National field-generated training, technical assistance, and demonstration noncompetitive continuation projects.”
The Center’s grants have increased substantially over the past several years.
They received nearly $325,000 in government grants between July 2012 and June 2013, according to their 2012 Form 990. In the year ending in June 2012, the Center received just over $147,000. In the prior two years, the center received no government grants while receiving smaller grants in the years before that.{snip}
[Though the article did not mention another point, I shall.  The Governor of Wisconsin is Republican Scott Walker.  Yet, for the Conference on White Privilege in Madison, Wis. this April, 2014, Wisconsin state departments spent at least $20,000 to subsidize this hate-whitey conclave.  The Wis. Dept. of Instruction, part of the Dept. of Education paid to have teachers and students come to hear this anti-white propaganda.  One expects this evil from the racist hate-whitey Obama Administration.  One expects the Democrats to push this racist ideology on teachers.  But most Republicans do nothing to stop it, and in the case of Wisconsin Republicans, they even subsidize this evil, racist, hate-whitey propaganda.---Hugh Murray]
Thomas Brown, Bank Stocks, May 21, 2014
There really is no end to the insanity that goes on at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Now the agency says it will no longer perform personnel reviews, on the grounds that the results of earlier reviews appeared to show that it discriminates against minority employees. In particular, on a 1 to 5 scale, whites got higher scores than Hispanics, who got higher scores than blacks. To remedy this, the agency will now proceed (and pay everyone) on the basis that all of its employees are 5s. Everyone’s a winner! Only rather than a trophy, everyone gets cash money. Welcome to cloud-cuckoo land.
One wants to burst out laughing, but this is actually yet another sign of what a messed up bureaucracy the CFPB really is.
First, this is an important issue for banks for the simple reason that the CFPB intends to regulate them on the basis that “disparate impact” on minorities–the same disparate impact that showed up in its performance reviews–is prima facie evidence of discrimination in things like lending decisions. Which is ridiculous. No one believes the CFPB is a hotbed of deliberate racism, regardless of how its performance reviews turn out. Similarly, the agency shouldn’t rely on disparate impact as a sign lenders deliberately discriminate against minority borrowers. If it does, then banks, to stay on the safe side, will likely respond by making credit less available to all borrowers. Who does that help?
But more to the point, this is no way to run an organization. It’s an issue of simple equity.“By self-identifying and self-correcting these [performance review disparities],” CFPB head Richard Cordray told American Banker, “we are holding ourselves accountable to the same standards of fairness that we expect of our regulated entities.” {snip}

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Smiles for today

     With the election in India giving the BJP a large majority in Parliament and the smashing defeat of the Congress Party, the question now is will the leader of the BJP be able to MODIrnize India.  The name of the BJP leader is Narendra Modi.

    Because of the Peoples' Republic of China's attempt to install an oil rig in the S. China Sea near Vietnam, and its building a structure on a new island quite near the Philippines, in Vietnam, the Philippines, and other southeast Asian nations, they are requesting some old, WWI posters.  The ones they seek picture an invading soldier with a bloody bayonet, and the caption: BEWARE THE HUNS!  They plan to update these posters by changing one letter so they would read: BEWARE THE HANS!  The Hans compose by far the largest ethnic group in China.

     For those who did not laugh, a riddle.  What is the antonym (opposite of) humorous?  Answer: hughmurrayous.--------Hugh Murray

Sunday, May 11, 2014


     There have been big headlines about the abduction in northern Nigeria of over 200 school girls by the Muslim group Boko Haram.  Michelle Obama, wife of the American President has even spoken on how America must help to free the girls.  The Boko Haram leader has threatened to enslave them or sell them for $12 each.  Once again, one sees how Islam supports slavery even in the present day; how it kills those who want to study Western subjects (as it did to boys in northern Nigeria, but that story apparently did not resonate with the feminists who influence Western media).
     They call themselves Boko Haram, but it should be named Beaucoup Harems – lots of harems.  Islam is a violent, warrior religion, imposing female circumcision, wife beatings, and other tortures on those who are unfortunate enough to live under Islam’s Sharia law.  Islam encourages honor killings of relatives, and stoning of those who are deemed promiscuous.  Islam is simply violent and evil.  Slavery and humiliation of non-believers is all accepted under Islam.  Islam is a threat to Western Civilization, as civilization is a threat to Islam.

     The Obamas seem more concerned about the victims of violent Islam in Nigeria, than in apprehending the murderers of the American Ambassador and those who fought to defend him in Libya.----Hugh Murray

Thursday, May 8, 2014

SECRET TAPES: Gerry Adams, JFK, Martin Luther King

My comment about a story re Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams who allegedly ordered the murder of a mother of 10 in 1972 for the Irish Republican Army.  Historians at Boston College interviewed many involved in a project to discover what when on in Northern Ireland during the IRA-Protestant conflict; those interviewed were promised their tapes would remain secret until all involved were dead.  Those guarantees were violated when the British heard of the tapes, and asked the US govt. to get them.  The US govt. and Boston College complied.  Here follows my comment:

Sadly, the university caved to the feds. True, one issue was murder, that occurred decades ago in another country during heavy violence. But political events have changed since then, and the release of the info may not change the relative peace now in N. Ireland. Worse, it will make people less likely to cooperate with historians to ascertain the truth of the past. If the US feds are so interested in releasing historical documents, why not begin with the release of everything about the JFK assassination? And what about all the documents on Martin Luther King still hidden from the public? King is the only individual for whom the US has a holiday. Is it not time to learn more of the man and not the myth of Martin Luther King?----Hugh Murray

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                              by Hugh Murray
          On 1 August 1944 in the midst of WWII a revolt in Warsaw began against the German occupiers.  The Soviet Army had advanced to the edges of Warsaw, and the Polish Home Guard hoped to liberate the city and establish and independent Polish authority before the pro-Communist group supported by Stalin arrived.  The rebellion began, and they expected help from the advancing Soviet troops.  But Stalin sent no planes to help.  His troops sat and watched.  Eventually, they occupied the eastern side of the Vistula, but provided almost no aid to the Polish rebels.  British and American planes flew over and dropped supplies, but Stalin would not allow these planes to land on Soviet fields.  In two months, the Polish forces were defeated by the Germans.  Only then did the Soviets then renew their offensive into the rest of Poland.  Although Soviet radio had called for the uprising in August 1944, Stalin did nothing to help it, and his forces watched while Axis forces destroyed the Polish Home Guard and much of the city of Warsaw.
            Will Putin stand idly by while another rebellion occurs in eastern Ukraine?  When the Western inspired rebels took control in Kiev and proclaimed themselves as the government of the entire Ukraine, the rebel group quickly passed legislation restricting the Russian language and sought to discriminate against the large Russian population in eastern Ukraine.  This led to a pro-Russian revolt in Crimea, and the annexation of that province back into Russia by Putin.
            Clearly many in the east and south prefer Russia to the Kiev coup crowd that pretends to be the government.  In Donetsk, Kharkov, Slavyansk, Odessa, and other areas of eastern and southern Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels have seized Ukrainian government buildings and these rebels demand annexation into Russia, or an independent state against Kiev.  Meanwhile, the Kiev coup clan has sent Ukrainian forces to suppress the rebellion.  Over 30 pro-Russian rebels were burnt to death in a building in one city, and shootings between rebels and the Kiev coup soldiers have mounting casualties.
            Will Putin now do nothing, and watch the murder and oppression of the pro-Russian elements in parts of Ukraine?  Will he simply wait and wait, while more rebels are murdered, and worse, their families demoralized?  Will Putin, with all his powerful forces simply watch while those who favor Russia are destroyed?  If he waits too long, and the pro-Russians are decimated, those same, pro-Russian groups will feel betrayed by Putin.  Even if Russian troops eventually invade, if they invade too late, the pro-Russian population, the people who have suffered the brunt of the Kiev invaders, will no longer be enthusiastic for Russia.  They will feel betrayed; help that came too late; too late to save so many patriotic Russians.

            Stalin sat idly by as Warsaw burned.  But one can argue, he had political reasons to see the destruction of the pro-Western Polish Home Guard.  Putin has no excuse.  If Putin is to save his people, he must act and soon.  If one has power, sees a murder, and does nothing to stop it, he is in some ways guilty too.  Putin must act to prevent many more murders in the Ukraine.  And he must act SOON.  Stalin had an excuse to do nothing.  Putin has no excuse.  His troops must move soon to help their compatriots in Ukraine.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


My letter as published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Saturday 3 May, on the editorial page A 9.  It also appeared in the early edition for Sunday 4 May.  Mine is the first letter.  Hugh Murray

   A front-page April 27 article revealed “Black students suspended at disproportional rate in U.S.” However, in this detailed article by Andrew Phillips, one small paragraph discloses that males are suspended at a much higher rate than females. Does this gender disproportion of suspension prove that the schools are discriminating against male students? The gap between males and females is greater than the gap between blacks and whites. If black suspension rates prove racism, then does not the larger gap between male and female suspensions prove anti-male discrimination in schools?
   On the same day, an editorial condemned the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision permitting Michigan to ban racial preferences in university admissions (“Court’s decision harms minority college applicants”). The argument is that without such preferences, the percentage of blacks and Hispanics has declined in that state’s universities. Implicit is the same quota ideal — if blacks are 14% of the population, they should be 14% of the university admissions, 14% of pupils suspended from schools, 14% of CEOs. Any major deviation from 14% indicates discrimination.
   But does it? Most players in the NBA and the NFL are black, but blacks are only 14% of the American population. Whites, about 60%, are greatly underrepresented. Do not these statistics prove anti-white discrimination in basketball and football? Would the leagues improve if there were more “diversity,” with the federal government requiring teams not to recruit another black until whites approached their fair share of the
teams — at least 60%?  The NFL and the NBA are predominantly black because the blacks who compose the teams are the best players, not because of anti-white discrimination. Similarly, universities should be allowed to admit the best students academically, no matter the racial percentages of diversity. If blacks are underrepresented at some universities, and whites underrepresented in the NBA, let them try to improve so they will be among the best next year.
   On objective exams to enter universities, whites, as a group, outperform blacks and Hispanics, as groups. The results do not prove discrimination. Treating people equally is not discrimination. Giving preferences
to blacks and Hispanics is racial discrimination.  Affirmative action for one person is a negative action against another.
Hugh Murray

   Suspensions determined by behavior I just don’t understand the motivation behind Andrew Phillips’ article citing the disproportionate rate of suspension of black students in the United States (“Black students
suspended at disproportionate rate in U.S.,” April 27). The only thing I can come up with is that he wants to fuel animosity between the races by insinuating that one group is being picked on while another is given a free pass.
   As a retired high school educator, I can tell you that suspension is very predictable.  There are certain behaviors that can almost ensure a suspension, and the students know that when they choose those behaviors, they choose the consequence. In fact, some students intentionally do just that.  It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black or purple. It’s the behavior that determines the suspension. If you are violent in the classroom, you should be removed from the classroom for obvious reasons. If you are disrupting the learning environment of other students, you should be removed from the classroom. What parent with children in
that classroom would want it any other way?
   I’m willing to bet that an analysis of the data would show that a pretty small proportion of the student body (white, black or purple) in a given school is ever suspended.  It is much more likely that students who
choose behaviors that cause suspensions do so multiple times. This was apparently the case with Amontre Ross. That quickly skews the data.
   I am the mother of three white children who were never suspended. Rather than feeling guilty for having children who got a free pass while children of a different race were being discriminated against, I prefer to
believe that my children were not suspended because I sent them to school at age 5 with the clear message that the adults at school deserve the same respect that we require in our household and that the classroom is a place of learning, not a place to be disruptive.
Jan Von Hoff

Thursday, May 1, 2014


     If an American can be fined $2.5 million for racist statements made in private - and revealed to the public by a vindictive whore - then almost any American could be fined and lose all their private property.  Donald Sterling. owner of the LA Clippers, has been fined an enormous amount of money for statements made to his mistress in private.  Most Americans have at some point made what someone might consider a racist statement.  The hearer may be more inclined to deem the statement racist if they aware it could result in the confiscation of all the assets of the "racist."
     In a nation where freedom is speech is enshrined in the Constitution, we drift ever closer to the tyranny associated the the old Soviet Union, where critical comments about the "leader of the people" or comments deemed racist might result in confiscation, loss of job, loss of apartment, and deportation to work to death in the Gulag.  It is time to stand against the emerging Soviet America.