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Friday, January 24, 2014


     The Milwaukee NAACP was demanding Federal intervention when the local DA refused to indict 3 customers for the murder of a young Black in a convenience store.  A few weeks ago about 30 people picketed in front of the Safety Building, which houses the DA's office.  They condemned the District Attorney John Chisholm's rejection of their demands.  Each night the father of the teen was provided time on the local television news to press for an indictment, as he called the 3 customers murderers.  Obama's Attorney General Holder may yet intervene.  My letter on the subject can be found in today's (Friday 24 January 2014) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  My letter is the 2nd one below and is quite short.--------Hugh Murray

Criminal charges not warranted

     Often times people's lack of understanding of Wisconsin's criminal statutes, combined with their sincere passion for what they perceive to be the absence of retribution, can only produce more agony and heartache upon a situation that is already recognized to be unbearable.
     Specifically, I'm referring to the Jan. 21 letter to the editor written by Michael A. Claus Sr., in which Claus maintains that if he killed somebody while he was operating his vehicle, he would be charged with the death ("Accountability in Stingley case," Your Views).
     Well, depending upon the circumstances, he could be, were the driving being done while intoxicated, driving recklessly or perhaps negligently. However, if the driving is void of this type of conduct, which is prohibited by state statute, and if the death is ultimately proven to be caused by a deadly, albeit accidental collision, there wouldn't be any criminal charges issued, as elements of the particular offense aren't present.
The investigation into the tragic death of Corey Stingley was slow, thorough and meticulous, utilizing every conceivable investigative tool available, including a John Doe inquiry, and through the entire process the Milwaukee County district attorney's office was unable to establish any culpable criminal activity committed by Jesse Cole, Robert Berringer or Mario Lauman.
     Yes, I grieve with the Stingley family; however, I also grieve with Cole, Berringer and Lauman and their families for the pain and suffering that they are enduring. Has one ever heard of the saying, "There go I except for the grace of God?"
Ted Engelbart

Chisholm made right decision

     Bruce Vielmetti's article on Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's decision not to prosecute several men misses the point ("Tensions rise after DA's decision," Jan. 15).
     The district attorney refused to cave to Milwaukee's pro-crime crowd. On the convenience store video, it is clear that Corey Stingley is stealing in the store. When the clerk discovers the theft, the teen grabs his debit card and runs. Stingley may have been young, but he was a football player. When shoppers attempt to stop the thief, he throws a punch. The heroic shoppers have no idea if the thief is armed, but they are determined to stop the criminal. They hold him until police arrive. They should be praised as heroes.  Stingley died while being restrained. He would not have died had he not tried to steal.
     When theft goes unpunished, businesses move out. A city with unpunished theft, burglary, murder and flash mobs is a city set to become the next Detroit. Chisholm made the correct decision.
Hugh Murray

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


     I have written elsewhere about the disaster of affirmative action, and the theory under-girding it.  That theory is that because all people are equal, then all groups are equally talented in all fields.  Consequently, all groups should attain the top posts in direct proportion to the group's percentage of the population.  If they do not achieve at a proportional rate, the reason must be discrimination (unless good lawyers can take on the numerous attorneys of the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice.  Even if a business rejects DoJ demands and goes to court, even if a business wins, the expense of taking on the DoJ is so expensive that a court victory for a business is Pyrrhic.  Sears won such a case, but the cost was prohibitive, and it soon caved to the quota demands of the DoJ.  Of course, quotas were outlawed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but that has not stopped the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the DoJ.  They have called their demands for quotas a requirement for establishing minority (or female) hiring goals and timetables [the goal was basically a quota, and the timetable the time allotted to hire minorities to achieve the goal or quota], or the DoJ demands an end to any policy that results in "disparate impact" on minorities - meaning they do not get their quota of jobs, etc.  The more popular word for quotas today is "diversity."  The result of all the quota hiring and promotion is simple: merit has been trumped by skin color, gender, or ethnos.  No longer the quality of character, or the qualification for the job; what matters to the DoJ and the US Federal Government is simply race, ethnicity, and gender quotas.  This disastrous system has spread to other Western nations, with different names such as affirmative or positive discrimination in the UK.
    Although I have written about the disastrous consequences of these programs in the abstract, I include the fine article by Nicholas Stix for specific examples of how badly this system unfolds over time.  The war against testing was often led by Eleanor Holmes Norton in the EEOC under Pres. Jimmy Carter.  But judges agreed with her.  In reality, the war on testing was another assault in the war on whites, who invariably outperformed Blacks and Hispanics on examinations.  Testing under Pres. Carter was so restricted that it became too expensive to use in sifting possible employees or promotees.  Criminal background checks, high school grade checks, drug testing, all were deemed racist because they had a disparate impact upon possible minority applicants.  So often, these type of checks were abandoned.
     What are the results of affirmative action?  Read the following article.---Hugh Murray

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Forensic Science Scandals

Annie DookhanAnnie Khan Dookhan
 “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT), may be dead in the military, but it is very much alive in the world of diversity hiring. ‘We won’t ask if you are qualified, and don’t tell if you aren’t.’
Law enforcement and criminal justice rely on modern, First-World police science—medical examiners, crime scene investigators, ballistics experts and forensic scientists. These people conduct autopsies; gather evidence at crime scenes; dust for fingerprints; test-fire and examine suspected murder weapons and ammunition; and weigh and test substances suspected to be drugs in narcotics cases.
If the “experts” are incompetent and/or dishonest, countless innocent people will be doomed to spend years in prison, some may even be executed, while the guilty will go free.
Thanks to the blessings of diversity, America has now reached this level of Keystone Kop police science.
  • In Boston on November 22, Trinidadian-born Annie Khan Dookhan [pictured above] pled guilty to 27 counts of “obstruction of justice, perjury, and tampering with evidence,” during the ten years that she was a Massachusetts state police chemist, and was sentenced by Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Carol S. Ball to three-to-five years in prison, and two years’ probation.
Judge Ball said:
“[T]he consequences of her behavior, which she ought to have foreseen, have been nothing short of catastrophic…. Innocent persons were incarcerated, guilty persons have been released to further endanger the public, millions and millions of public dollars are being expended to deal with the chaos Ms. Dookhan created, and the integrity of the criminal justice system has been shaken to the core."
[Chemist who falsified drug tests in criminal cases goes to jail herself by Fabien Tepper, Christian Science Monitor, November 22, 2013.]
Dookhan’s misconduct-tainted cases involving over 40,000 defendants. So far, almost 350 convicted defendants have been released, and the state crime lab where Dookhan worked for ten years has been shuttered.
Dookhan lied in claiming to have a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts. All Human Resources had to do was contact the school where she claimed to have earned it. But it would be “racist” to scrutinize a diversity applicant’s bona fides.
While Dookhan was working ever more rapidly, her colleagues’ work had slowed down, due to a Supreme Court decision requiring drug analysts to appear in court. Quality control should have caught what she was up to—except that she was the head of quality control! She also violated security, and deliberately contaminated thousands of samples.
Finally, Dookhan maliciously claimed that thousands of samples that she had not tested—that’s how she could “complete” her work so rapidly—had tested positive for narcotics, and on top of that, lied about their weights, so as to turn offenses into higher-level crimes entailing longer sentences.
Dookhan was only caught when she forged a colleague’s initials on documents to remove samples she had no business touching.
My reader-researcher RC wrote,
She's a twofer: A person of color as well as female.
How much will Taxachusetts pay to those whose civil rights were violated thanks to her falsified drug tests?
The answer: Potentially billions.
At least the winsome Dookhan has confessed to most of her crimes, and shown contrition. But what made her commit them?
Some observers suggested she sought to impress her superiors. However, I believe the simplest explanation is: she did it because she could. Dookhan worked in an institution in which, previously, applicants were thoroughly vetted prior to hiring, and worked in a secure environment under strong normative constraints on their behavior. But because she was a diversity hire, she found herself in a state of moral anomie, in which there was no vetting, security, or institutional constraints on her behavior. She was the proverbial kid in the candy shop.
Dookhan was merely the latest diversity police science scandal.
  • Joyce Gilchrist
Joyce Gilchrist
Gilchrist [abovewas a legendary, black Oklahoma City Police Department forensic chemist whose (initially non-ironic) nickname was “Black Magic,” because for 21 years she was the consummate expert witness, her credibility unchallenged—until 2001:
“Oklahoma City Police Chief M.T. Berry on Tuesday fired forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist, whose lab techniques and testimony have been under scrutiny by federal, state and local investigators for several months.
“Gilchrist, 53, was fired for a variety of reasons, including "laboratory mismanagement, criticism from court challenges and flawed casework analysis," according to a police statement.
[Police chief fires chemist after review by Ken Raymond, The Oklahoman, September 26, 2001.]
As I wrote in 2003 for Middle American News,
For years, Gilchrist’s critics claimed she had falsified evidence and given false testimony, which caused 23 men to be sentenced to death, eleven of whom were executed.
[NBC’s Law & Order: Entertainment Serving the Elite by Nicholas Stix, Middle American News, September, 2003]
Gilchrist has steadfastly insisted that she is innocent of any wrongdoing. She has never been criminally charged.
Millions of Americans learned about the Gilchrist scandal, when it was dramatized in 2001, in a “ripped from “Lisa Russo”, played by Diana Scarwidthe headlines” episode of the popular TV series, Law & Order, “Myth of Fingerprints.”
But, following the m.o. of liberal producer Dick Wolf’s show, hisscriptwriters changed the rogue, black police chemist into a blonde, white woman[“Lisa Russo”, played by Diana Scarwid, right ].
Also unlike reality, the fictionalized chemist was prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned.
  • Jonathan Salvador
Everyone who worked with Jonathan Salvador in Houston described him as a friendly, hard-working young man, who wanted to improve his work. Unfortunately, as he later admitted, he was in hopelessly over his head. Although he was a police chemist at a Texas Department of Public Safety lab, he did not understand chemistry.
Nevertheless, Salvador’s superiors were pleased with him, and he failed his way up the ladder. He was only caught when he substituted the drug lab results from one court case on an unrelated case. Suspended in February 2012, Salvador was either fired or quit in August, 2012 (reports conflict):
“[A]fter falsifying evidence, and acting ‘with total disregard for policy and procedure,’ according to an inspector general's report.”
[Area prosecutors interpret duties to justice differently by Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle, March 19, 2013.]
And now, the verdicts in some 4,900 narcotics cases are in jeopardy. So far, 18 convictions have been overturned on which Salvador did lab work—for example,  this one.
A grand jury heard testimony on Salvador’s case last year, but did not indict him.
“A Texas state police crime lab scientist whose shoddy work may have tainted thousands of drug cases had been promoted despite a history of problems doing accurate and timely work, according a review by the Texas Forensic Science Commission.
“A commission report adopted Friday found that Houston crime lab worker Jonathan Salvador struggled with chemistry, was told to correct his work in about a third of his cases and, according to his supervisors, routinely scrambled to keep up with monthly work expectations.
[Texas crime lab worker had history of poor work; Review: despite shoddy work, worker moved up the ladderWPRC News, April 5, 2013.]
On paper, Gilchrist, Dookhan, and Salvador were all qualified. They all had the requisite college degrees. And yet, they were all utterly unqualified.
Such scandals could have easily been prevented by exercising the hard-won knowledge that has grown out of generations of the development of tools such as college admissions and professional tests. But such tests had been ruled “racist” because blacks, Hispanics, and many other non-white groups did not do as well, on average, as whites and Northeast Asians did.
And so, in the mid-1960s, colleges began a massive program ofsotto voce Affirmative Action, whereby first blacks, then members of all sorts of groups who on average could not come remotely close to meeting admissions requirements, were admitted. Once admitted, these students enjoyed collegiate social promotion and grade inflation.
Affirmative Action got a boost from the Supreme Court in 1971, when the Court ruled in Griggs v. Duke Power that requiring job tests of applicants, or for promotions within a firm was a form of racial discrimination, since blacks (who have a lower average IQ, 78-85, than whites, who average 100) don’t do as well on them, on average, as whites.
Griggs resulted in millions of young people being forced to attend college for no good reason, at great expense in time and money, to receive a substitute IQ test in the form of a college degree. This made Higher Ed, despite its constant cries of poverty, much richer and more powerful. However, faculty and officials engaged in ever more aggressive Affirmative Action, and thereby destroyed the value of the bachelor’s degree, and then even graduate degrees.
When companies that still care about quality seek valid but informal selection mechanisms, such as not hiring applicants with black underclass names like S---avious, academic pseudo-scholars accuse them of—what else?—racism. And if anyone dares notice this pattern of advantaging incompetents “of color,” followed by scandals, thesame pseudo-scholars and activists cry “racism!”
There is no viable solution to the vicious cycle of Affirmative Action. An immigration moratorium would stop the scourge of additional waves of incompetent Third Worlders, but would not solve the problem of a country that has been kidnapped by racial socialists. For that malady, stronger medicine is indicated.
Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

Monday, January 13, 2014


     For a few years now the Left has pushed in the media and in the schools various anti-bullying programs.  The point was to expose and then stop bullying.  It was a commendable policy.  However, now the Obama/Holder Administration is attempting to prevent schools from suspending, expelling, or arresting the real bullies and criminals in the schools. What the new guidelines are trying to do is to insure that if a school is composed of 20% Blacks, then only 20% of the suspensions should be of the Blacks students.  Sounds good, but it is totally divorced from reality.  It is like saying Blacks should not be convicted of murder more than their percentage of the population.  But Blacks as a group commit murder far more than whites or Asians.  Should you not convict them even if they are guilty of murder?  Or should you convict an innocent white just to make the percentages more equal and reduce the percentage gap?

     The theory behind Attorney General Holder's new guidelines, disparage impact, is based on the view that there are no differences between the races.  Blacks, whites, Asians, Amerindians, Aboriginals, are all equally alike in all abilities.  If the percentage of engineers is higher in one group than others, then it is the result of poverty and discrimination.  If more Blacks are expelled from school, it is due to discrimination against Blacks.  Therefore, the need to stress the new guidelines.  Obama/Holder are simply attempting to end discrimination.

     Of course the Left not only stresses that all races are equal, but that gender, like race is a social construct.  Just as all races are equal, by definition, so men and women are equal, by definition.  If Blacks or women are less likely to be engineers than white or Asian males, it is not because they are unqualified, it is due to discrimination.  Well, because Blacks are more likely to be expelled from school, it is not because they are more disruptive, only because of racist discrimination against them.  That is the ideological basis for Holder's new guidelines.  Look again.  Male students are far more likely to be expelled than female students.  Far more likely.  Since males and females are essentially the same, according to the Left, does this not prove discrimination in the schools against males?  The percentage expelled, male and female, should be the same, just as the racial percentages ought to be the same under Holder's view.  Look at the disparate impact, the percentage differences in expelling male and female students!  Either stop expelling so many males, or start expelling more females.  Why doesn't Holder include the sexual disparity of expulsions in his guidelines?
     In the end, the Left ideology is based upon unreality.  Gender may be a social construct, but it is based in each culture upon the essential, natural differences between males and females.  It is not constructed from thin air, but from the basic hormonal, physical, and other differences between males and females.  And though it is taboo to mention it, there are good reasons to think there are essential differences between and among the races.  Medicines for one group may not work the same for the other.  It may not be a coincidence that marathon winners often come from a small area in East Africa.  And there may me essential reasons, natural reasons that females and Blacks compose fewer engineers than other groups.  It may not be discrimination; it may be the result of nature.

     And what about that student allegedly found with marijuana and with what may have been stolen jewelry in his rucksack?  Had he been arrested, instead of merely suspended, Trayvon Martin might not have been roaming around another neighborhood, attacking a man wary of suspicious characters in the burglarized neighborhood.  It is because the system is too easy, too light on troublemakers, that they are encouraged to get into more trouble. 

     [Nicholas Stix at vdare.com wrote this about Trayvon Martin: But, ironically, the most startling fruit of the Obama/Holder campaign is the death of Trayvon Martinblown up into a hoaxperpetrated  by the Main Stream Media/ Democrat complex to set the stage for Obama’s re-election.

[Miami-Dade School Police had caught the young thug and thief Martin vandalizing lockers. A search of his bag then turned up stolen jewelry and a screwdriver, which the officer described as a “burglary tool.”
[Proper police procedure would have been to arrest Martin on suspicion of burglary, and turn over the evidence to prosecutors. But instead, the officer, “Darryl Dunn, falsified police records and referred criminal behavior to school discipline.” That was in order to help achieve Miami police Chief Charles Hurley’s objective of “crime reduction.” [Trayvon and The Miami-Dade School Police Department – Redacted FOIA Newly Released – Former Police Chief Charles Hurley by Sundance, The Last Refuge, June 27, 2013. Note that a blog, not the MSM, uncovered this scandal].
[But had Trayvon Martin been prosecuted, he would likely not have been staying at his father’s girlfriend’s home the night he attempted to murder George Zimmerman. He might well still be alive today.
[This police corruption predates Obama/ Holder, going back at least to the early 1990s, creating the fictional national “crime reduction” that I have repeatedly exposed (here,  here, and here).
[In contradiction to Obama/ Holder, as I showed in The State of White America-2007, black school violence against white students is in fact rampant, and has made many schools education-free zones.
[Moreover, historian Raymond Wolters showed in The Burden of Brown and other works that black school violence is as old as school integration. He reports that, back in the 1950s, the NAACP insisted that black students could and would assimilate to white norms whilesegregationists argued that, due to habit and temperament, blacks would never meet white standards. And sure enough, as soon as schools began to integrate, black students refused to follow the rules. They routinely cursed, disrupted classes, engaged in heretofore unseen violence and vandalism, and routinely sexually molested white girls. The NAACP’s response: to scream “Racism!”
As NAACP chief counsel Thurgood Marshall, by then a Supreme Court justice, would brag to his white colleague, William O. Douglas 20 years later: “Now it’s our turn.”]

Brown had never been about fairness. It had always been about theracial conquest.  

     Many Blacks who attend school perform poorly compared to others.  They may be older than others in the class. They may well be more disruptive.  But now schools are told to ignore that, do not suspend, do not expel.  Result: more and more will become disruptive.  It is a prescription for chaos and more and more bullying.  It is a policy so detrimental to education, that it is one expected from the Obama Administration.  The Obama Administration shows that it is the defender of the Bullies and the enemy of real education in America.  

     Hugh Murray

Obama Administration Guidelines Could Lead to Racial Quotas in School Discipline

Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times, January 8, 2014
How discipline is doled out in the classroom now will be under much closer scrutiny by the federal government, but some analysts say the Obama administration’s efforts ultimately may backfire and could lead to de facto racial quotas in American schools.  [That is precisely what the Obama/Holder Administration wants.---HM]
The Education Department and the Justice Department on Wednesday issued new “guidance” to ensure minority students aren’t punished through suspension, expulsion or other means more than their white peers. The administration cited legal authority under Titles IV and VI in offering detailed rules for how school districts can administer discipline.
...But within its guidance, most of which is not controversial and merely reinforces existing nondiscrimination laws, the administration also declares that schools’ disciplinary policies cannot have a “disparate impact” on one particular group.
In plain terms, it means district rules, guidelines and enforcement cannot result in the punishment of more black students than white students for the same offense, for example.
With that in mind, school leaders surely will keep a close eye on whether the same number of children from given racial groups are disciplined in equal number and equal measure for the same behavior.
“You have to make certain that your school discipline cases match those percentages. If you don’t, you’ll have the feds on your doorstep,” said Joshua Dunn, a political science professor at the University of Colorado and director of the university’s Center for Legal Studies. “If they actually do enforce these guidelines, there will be unintended consequences. This creates some rather destructive incentives. I don’t think there’s any way around that.”
Chief among those negative incentives, Mr. Dunn said, will be that teachers, principals and other school personnel may hesitate to punish a minority student for a particular offense out of fear that they will appear prejudiced or that their actions will result in disproportionate effects on one racial group.
Taken to the extreme, such a scenario could lead to even bigger problems, some specialists say.
“Eventually, you’ll have disorder in schools. . . . They either suspend white students for relatively trivial things or they don’t punish black students for behavior that is really disruptive or even violent,” said Hans Bader, a senior attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “You’re effectively commanding them to have racial quotas” with respect to which students are disciplined and how often.
...While the guidance itself is non-binding and carries no additional legal weight, the federal government theoretically could cut funding to states or local school districts if they have violated Title VI, which specifically prohibits discrimination based on race, sex or national origin.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obama's New America: Black Savagery Unpunished

This is from Frontpage.com a site conducted by David Horowitz.  Colin Flaherty wrote the informative book, White Girl Bleed a Lot, one that I reviewed.  Read this, for it represents a picture of what happens in more and more of America.  Black savagery goes unpunished.  To demand punishment for their crimes, means you are denounced as a racist and may become a new victim.  Meanwhile. the TV news anchors and newspaper editorials tell us of "white privilege" and the Obama Administration appoints officials who refuse to treat people equally.  People wonder how Detroit failed as a city.  Rochester is showing how it is following the road to Detroit.---Hugh Murray

Black Mob Violence in Rochester: Get Used To It

January 9, 2014 by  101 Comments
Rochester does not have a problem with black mob violence.  Or black on white crime. The city does, however, have a problem with white people who are not used to it.
So says a Rochester city councilman.
The latest example is a “disturbing” video of a group of black people laughing and dancing as they talk about how they are going wait for an “old lady” to leave a convenience story, then smash her in the face with a snow ball. And a fist.
Which they did. Thanks to the efforts of local activist Davy V., police have a copy of the video and know who the culprits are. And they will talk to them eventually. But police told the local paper it looks more like harassment than assault.
Which should make Rochester councilman Adam McFadden a happy man. McFadden schooled white people about their finicky sensibilities toward crime in 2011. The occasion was an episode of large-scale black mob violence at a city-sponsored Memorial Day party featuring barbecue ribs.
More than 200 black people showed up, ate, rioted, then left. Police arrested 13 black people, including one for assaulting an officer. If anyone in Rochester was surprised or upset, they did a good job hiding it. The local paper explained that several public holiday gatherings had been cancelled the year before because of violence, and “the city has an ongoing issue with crowds of youth at the Liberty Pole downtown.”
Which continue today — the Liberty Pole is the site of regular and frequent black mob violence, especially when students ride the bus there after school. Sometimes accompanied by gunfire. The paper does not talk about the black part.
McFadden explained the 2011 black mob violence, thusly: “I think what you saw at the [Memorial Day barbecue] is what we’ve been seeing in many of our neighborhoods for two decades,” said  McFadden. “It’s just that you had a lot of people there who are not used to that culture and got to witness it personally.”
In the two years since,  McFadden has been proven correct over and over again — with many of the episodes documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.
The city’s Lilac Festival was once a national showcase of horticultural excellence. Today, the annual flower show is just another excuse for frequent episodes of black mob violence.
By the time it was over last year, 200 people were arrested and four people were stabbed. A man with a shotgun escaped and two police officers were hurt.
Two months prior to the festival, the Rochester police chief sent potential criminals a letter, saying he was watching them and they’d better start behaving. They did not.
Local reporters do not – or will not – report what many readers know: “Let’s face it, this is a racial problem,” said Ann Marie Cummings in the comment section of the Democrat and Chronicle. “Whether it is the Puerto Rican fest, last year at the rib fest, or problems at sea breeze with gangs. It’s obvious these street thugs pick arenas … large amount of people attending.”
In September of 2013 in the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit, police had to close down a movie theater after 400 to 500 black people started fighting inside and outside a showing of the movie Insidious, Chapter 2.
Most of the fighters were from Rochester.
“I saw police officers chasing kids, as we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave we saw police officer knock kids to the ground and one police officer was batoning kids,” said Alton Johnson to Rochester YNN.
Lt. Jonna Izzo explained it all to News 8: “They have pent up energy from being scared in the movie theater and they come out and they don’t know what to do with that energy.”
Some residents said it was strange that anyone could blame a large scale act of violence and mayhem on a movie. Others said it had nothing to with the movie: That mall and others in Irondequoit have been plagued by black mob violence for years:
“So it’s not the first time and won’t be the last !!,” said David Sevor at the web site for WHAM TV news. “It’s sad these young teenagers don’t know how to behave out in public.”
Mike Alpaha was more explicit: “It’s been a problem that has been escalating for a long time. White people are the real problem! Your all too scared to speak up and talk about the real problem!”
“These young black kids are out of control and have no discipline in the home. They have no respect for anyone (especially white people). But everyone is scared of being called a racist for telling it how it is.I’m not a racist, but I can say that the inner city black youth are out of control and only getting worse!”
Four police departments from neighboring jurisdictions assisted. City officials called the bus company, which returned the rioters to Rochester. No one was arrested.
Meanwhile, police are looking for the “old lady” who was struck with a snow ball and a fist.
But the activist who discovered the tape and recorded it before it could be removed is not holding his breath. Davy V. is a filmmaker and blogger who writes in Rochester. He describes some of the actors and actions:
Sunday evening, a Rochester, NY youth who goes by the Facebook name “True Goon Tocool Sneekey” posted a :53 second video titled “Just doin shit watch the smack cam”.
The video starts with the youth laughing and talking into the camera.
“I’m bout to smack the old lady with the snowball when she come out the store,” he says.
A few seconds later, as more laughter is heard in the background, an older woman is seen coming out of a corner store located at the intersection of Jay and Child Streets, on the city’s west side.
The youth in the video then hits the woman in the side of the head.
The youths then run off as one of them is heard yelling “Smack cam! Smack cam!”
Then one of the youths is heard saying “I’m gonna get the fuck up outta here before she calls the cops!”, obviously referring to the woman they just assaulted.
“I wonder if the woman who came out of that store, and was attacked by some young punk who blinded sided her, hitting her on the side of her head, if that woman had been RPD Sgt. Elena Correia’s mother, or grandmother, would she brush it off as ‘harassment’, which is nothing more than a violation,” said Davy V.
Maybe Councilman McFadden would know. But he is not returning calls or emails.