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Sunday, July 17, 2016


Gavin Long, apparently a long-time member of the Nation of Islam, killed 3 police and injured others this morning. In his case, this may be a 2 for one - Black racist terrorism and radical Islamic terrorism.
    Pres. Barack Hussein Obama called the murderer a coward. Of course, Obama is wrong. It took courage and intelligence to do what Long did. He planned it. He risked his life. He gave his life. That was courageous. The problem was that he sacrificed for terrible causes. He killed because he hates America; because he hates whites, because he hates police, because he hates Western civilization. Long was courageous, but a courageous monster. Rejoice that he is dead. 
    Unfortunately, Pres. Obama shows little appreciation for America. Little appreciation for whites or police or Western civilization. The anti-police policies of Obama's Administration have filtered down, so more "protestors" shout about killing cops, and some do more than shout. One hopes the new president we electe in November will change things and show appreciation of police, for America, and for Western civilization. 
 Hugh Murray

Friday, July 15, 2016


    Some have contended that we should  not use the phrase "Islamic terrorists" to describe many of the terrorists.  Even those who hijacked airliners to crash them into the Pentagon and World Trade Center twin towers, some say, were not good Muslims - they drank alcohol before their mission; they may have indulged with female prostitutes.  The Tsarnaev brothers, before bombing the Boston Marathon, may have killed a Jewish man in a drug deal.  Some maintain Omar Mateen not only drank alcohol at Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida, but he may have been gay.  And now one reads that the truck driver who rode his huge vehicle into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing at least 80, the media declare that he did not attend mosque, he drank, and he had troubles with his wife.  How can we call all these murderers Islamic terrorists?
     Terrorist murder is the "Extreme Unction" of radical Islam.  Terrorist murder wipes away all those previous sins, all those prior faults, so that the Muslim terrorist may enter paradise.  By killing the infidels, the sins, the faults of the past, are wiped away through the Muslim "sacrament," the sacrifice of the lives of infidels for the cause of Islam.

Monday, July 11, 2016


                                                by Hugh Murray

Steve Nelson (Stjepan Mesaros), a native of Croatia had come to the US as a teen and joined the Communist Party (CPUSA) in the 1920s.  He fought in the Spanish Civil War against the Fascists and returned to America.  He also came under federal surveillance during WWII.  Nelson was then a leader of the American Communist Party on the west coast with influence in left-wing labor unions.  During war, Americans endure decreased civil liberties, and the federal government had rounded up and interned Japanese nationals and American citizens of Japanese heritage; the government also rounded up and interned German and Italian nationals too.  Nelson was not interned, but his home in Oakland, California, was bugged.
          On 10 April 1943 Nelson received a visitor, Vasily Zarubin, an employee of the Soviet Embassy, who gave Nelson money.  Zarubin explained he wanted Nelson to place “reliable” workers in certain jobs that the Soviets deemed important.  Apparently, until hearing the recordings, the FBI had no knowledge of the Manhattan Project – the American effort to create an atomic bomb.  The Soviet employee was telling the American Communist to place Communist spies in sensitive positions to relay information about American progress in developing the bomb.
          When FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, became aware of the attempt by a Soviet Embassy official to use the American Communist Party to create a spy network, Hoover acted.  On 7 May 1943 Hoover wrote the White House.  He wrote to Harry Hopkins, who was then considered the chief advisor to Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, especially on Soviet affairs.  Hopkins was so important, he literally lived in the White House and was sometimes called Roosevelt’s Co-President.  Hopkins, alerted by Hoover to such important information, also acted quickly.  Whether Hopkins informed Roosevelt, is still a question.  But Hopkins jumped to insure that nothing like this would occur again.  Hopkins contacted the Soviet Embassy, telling them about the bugging incident, warning them that the FBI was on to them, and urging that they be more careful in the future!
          Hollywood still produces films like “Trumbo,”(2015)  showing the persecution of an excellent screenwriter who was blacklisted for standing up for his political beliefs.  Author Diane West, in her fascinating American Betrayal, quotes Dalton Trumbo in an article published in 1946 in the Communist Daily Worker, in which Trumbo  concedes that the Hollywood “progressives” could not always make the films they wanted, but they certainly could prevent the anti-Communist films from ever being produced.(West, pp. 88,92) Trumbo was boasting that he was one of those who could veto films and blacklist those who might defame the  workers’ paradise led by Joseph Stalin.
          Unfortunately, it is not only Hollywood that distorts that time period.  The academedia complex assure us that the McCarthy era was one of paranoia, persecution, and the destruction of civil liberties and freedom in the US.  Was it all paranoia?  Why was Steve Nelson taking the money from Soviet Embassy official Zarubin?  Why did the White House try to protect the Soviet spies?
          .  In January 2012 Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a public address praised the Western scientists who provided atomic secrets to the Soviets so that the Communist regime could develop its own nuclear bombs.  Putin emphasized that the Soviets were provided “suitcases” filled with material; “suitcases full” he stressed.  Americans spying on behalf of the Soviets was not paranoia; it was a reality.  And the consequence of that spying aided Stalin to develop nuclear weapons faster, and probably helped in other areas of military advance.
          Soviet coded messages were sent from the US to the USSR, and the American Army began to keep records of these.  Eventually, the “Venona files” would make headlines, and confirm the treason of several prominent figures.  However, even now, only some 10%  of the Venona files and been decoded.  Soviet espionage against the US was real and much more extensive than people realize.  But why should they realize it?  Hollywood ignores it to portray a hard-core Stalinist as a man persecuted for free speech.  Academics are no better.  Most are liberal or “progressive,” and even if they admit the Soviet was an enemy to American interests, they dismiss the influence of the American Communist Party and of any spies for the Soviets.  Putin did not dismiss those who passed along information to the Soviets – Putin publicly thanked them.  Americans were not paranoid during the McCarthy era.  There was treason in the American government, “a conspiracy so vast” as Sen. McCarthy analyzed it.  Most Americans to this day are unaware of the extent of Communist penetration of the American government and its consequences.  And the consequences may not have been merely atomic.  When during the Cold War, Republicans asked “Who lost China?” it was not such a foolish question.  When Japan surrendered in 1945, war in China continued, now between Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek and Communists under Mao Zedong.  Some in the US State Dept. demanded that Chiang form a coalition government with Mao.  Chiang had once done so, and it had proved disastrous, so he was determined not to become ensnared again in a coalition with the Communists.  While the Soviets began to supply Mao, sometimes with booty from the defeated Japanese, efforts by the Americans to supply Chiang with weapons and money were either continually delayed, or sabotaged.  Were there members of the American State Dept. who favored Mao over Chiang; Communism over alternatives?  Were they responsible for the failure of supplies to reach Chiang?
          In early morning hours of 12 June 2016 American-born Omar Mateen entered a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and proceeded to shoot and kill at least 49 people who, till then, had been enjoying a night out.  Omar was not shy about his motives – during the massacre he phoned 911 to announce his allegiance to the Islamic State.  He also praised Allah and declared that he was murdering because he wanted the US to “stop bombing my country.”  (Wikipedia interpreted this survivor’s memory as referring to Mateen’s allegiance to the Islamic State, whereas James Bradley on the left-wing counterpunch.org viewed it as referring to Afghanistan, home of Mateen’s parents.  Either way, Mateen did not identify his country as the United States.)   Some days later, the national Attorney General, Loretta Lynch told reporters that the Justice Department would not release the full transcripts of those 911 calls.  Any mention of the Islamic State would be redacted, and Allah was now written as God.  Apparently, one was not to presume that Omar was a Muslim!  Erase all such references, by US Govt. decree (for our own good, of course).  Even before Atty Gen Lynch attempted to impose her politically correct views on the 911 tapes, pc had already entered the fray.  I think the very day after the shooting; an FBI representative came to Orlando to provide a report.  Most of it seemed factual.  But before closing, the FBI spokesman stressed to the TV audience that Islam is a religion of peace.  Thus, PC had infected the FBI even before FBI Director James Comey announced that no reasonable prosecutor would indict Hillary Clinton for her email abuses.
          Democrats are as unwilling to denounce Islamic terrorism as 1948 Progressives were unwilling to denounce Stalinsim.  How could Democrats handle the Orlando shooting?  Democrats went on a frenzied search for the motive(s) of Omar in murdering so many young people.  It was simply another “hate” crime.  Omar had been depressed, and may have had mental problems.  He may have been secretly gay, and some alleged he had a gay lover.  Omar was bi-polar.  The liberal media were flooded with such stories searching for the real motives behind Omar Mateen’s shooting spree.  But these stories invariably tried to avoid mention of Allah and his allegiance to ISIS.  Many Democrats simply refused to state the mass murderer had anything to do with radical Islamic terrorism.
          Meanwhile, the Democrats in Congress constructed another ploy – it was the fault of guns.  We need stricter gun regulations, more gun laws.  About 100 Democratic members of Congress then planned to obstruct the work of the national House of Representatives by having a sit-in on the floor of the House, while they demanded gun-control laws and sang old civil rights songs.  Congress had already rejected the proposed legislation in Committee, but Democrats vowed to continue their tactics until their minority proposals were passed into law by the majority.  They were offended when one Republican Representative shouted at them, that the issue is Islamic terrorism.  The Democrats also forget that the most deadly act of terrorism on American soil, in which over 3,000 people were killed, was performed without a gun being used - by the terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center in New York and part of the Pentagon in Washington.
          Moreover, how could Orlando possibly be about Islamic terrorism?  Omar Mateen was born in the USA.  In the summer of 1968 a dazed Democrat emerged from a hotel in California, nearly in tears.  The man was bewildered, incomprehensible.  “How could he say that?” he asked the TV reporter.  The gentleman had left the scene where Sirhan Sirhan had just assassinated Democratic Sen. Robert Kennedy (who had just won the California Democratic Presidential primary).  The gentleman quoted Sirhan as saying, “I did it for my country.”  “How could he say that?  How could he believe that?”  The gentleman clearly did not understand, for the answer is simple.  Sirhan was Palestinian.  A Christian Palestinian, but Palestinian.  His country was not the US.  He killed Kennedy for what he thought would be the best interest of Palestine.
          When Omar Mateen announced he had killed many people for his country, he had identified his country as the Islamic State.  Mateen may have been born in the US, but he did not consider himself an American.  His concerns were Allah and pledging allegiance to ISIS.  Mateen was killing Americans while simultaneously pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.  And the American Attorney General tried to prevent us from knowing that!  Just as Harry Hopkins sought to obstruct the FBI in 1943 and prevent it from doing its job of protecting American citizens and American atomic secrets from Soviet spies, there now seems to be another group – inside the US Govt. – intent on preventing any exposure of Islamic terrorism and its supporters.
          The Muslim Brotherhood (hereafter MB) was founded in Egypt in 1928 as a movement to liberate the Muslim world from the infidels.  It was a nationalist movement, and anti-colonial movement, and one mixed with religion (like many other nationalist movements, as in Ireland, Poland, the Balkans, etc.)  The founder, Hassan al-Banna was a 22-year-old teacher, who grew to admire Hitler, wrote to him, and was encouraged by him.  The MB grew in the 1930s as did its hostility to Jews and Zionism.  During WWII, as Gen. Erwin Rommel’s armies pushed beyond the Libyan border into Egypt (and many Egyptian Jews prepared to purchase tickets for South Africa), the Muslim Brotherhood readied to join the Axis advance when Rommel routed the British. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, expelled from the British mandated lands for his anti-Western views, turned up in Berlin where he met Hitler and began broadcasting to the Middle East on Radio Berlin.  Sometimes his message was simple, “Kill the Jews!”  However, when British Gen.Bernard Montgomery defeated Rommel at el-Alemein in October 1942, that Axis defeat would delay MB dreams for decades.  With Axis defeat, the Mufti was able to escape Allied prosecution with the help of MB politicians.
          Beginning in December 2010 in Tunisia with the series of uprisings collectively called “the Arab Spring,” people in many countries went into the streets to demand change, and young people using social media, often cooperating with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) , began revolutions in the Arab world.  The first government to fall to the change was Tunisia in northern Africa, and the stirrings spread.  Cairo’s Tahrir Square became a scene of daily protests against the long-term leadership of Hosni Mubarak, whose authoritarian government encouraged tourism from all over the world, and who maintained friendly relations with the US and neighborly relations with Israel.  But Tahrir Square became the center of daily mass gatherings denouncing the government, where there were now huge pictures of Mubarak with a Star of David scratched across his face.  Both Pres. Obama and Sec. of State Hillary showed great enthusiasm for the changes stirring in the Arab Spring   The Western media portrayed the gatherings quite sympathetically.  One night CBS correspondent Lara Logan, an attractive young blond, found herself in the square forcibly separated from her cameramen, her clothing ripped, and she was groped and sexually assaulted.  But the general euphoria overwhelmed reports of such unfortunate urges that managed to surface.  In February 2011 Mubarak fell and free elections would be held.  Democracy would come to Egypt!
          Elections were held, and Mohammed Morsi, the MB candidate won.  Hillary and Obama were proud of their policy that expanded democracy.  With the MB victory, Jewish tourists and businessmen quickly departed.  The Copts, Egypt’s Christians, who comprise some 10% of the population, suddenly found themselves under attack.  Ancient churches were set ablaze by the Muslim majority.  Muslims, expressing their empowered status, began beating Christian men and attacking Christian women.  Some leaders of the new MB regime sought to ally with Palestinians in Gaza against Israel.  All Jews were monkeys, declared some of the new clerics in power.  One prominent Muslim imam urged the government to destroy the pagan relics of old – that is, destroy the pyramids! (When ISIS attained power elsewhere, it destroyed Jonah’s tomb and part of the ancient ruined city of Palmyra.  One should take such talk seriously.)  Happily, this ruthless MB regime was toppled by the army led by Abdel Al-Sisi in 2013.  In response, Obama cut off aid to Egypt’s new military government in Egypt, but Al-Sisi then sought support from Russia’s Putin.  
            Col. Ghadaffi’s Libya had become a leading terrorist nation after he had come to power in 1969  (and he helped subsidize the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims inside the US.)  Ghadaffi’s regime was the likely source for the 1986 bombing of a Berlin club popular with American soldiers, and Ghadaffi was behind the downing of Pan Am flight 103 that killed the plane’s occupants over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988.  However, by the 21sth century Ghadaffi’s government had moderated.  But Obama and Hillary had other plans for Libya, and decided to seek Ghadaffi’s overthrow.  In summer of 2011 Libya joined the Arab revolutionary Spring, and by October 2011, Ghadaffi himself was dead.  Obama and Hillary next set their sights on the dictatorship in Syria of Bashar al-Assad.  It is alleged that Americans were to supply weapons to rebels in Syria through newly liberated Libya.  Indeed, some allege that American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi to facilitate gun-running deals with violent types whom he hoped would help overthrow Syria’s Assad.
            The fall of Ghadaffi left power vacuums and chaos in Libya.  Not all of the rebels were sympathetic to the West.  Working in the eastern city of Benghazi, American Ambassador Stevens was fully aware of the deteriorating situation, and a number of times requested reinforcements for protection.  The requests (to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton?) were denied.  As the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack approached, neither Obama nor Hillary sent help.  Four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed in a prepared attack by Muslim extremists on 9 September 2012.  Then, Sec. Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama, and Under Sec. Susan Rice all continually lied to the American people, blaming the attack and murders on anger as a result of a video that mocked the Prophet Mohammad. The film was produced by an Egyptian Christian residing in the US.  Obama and Hillary even bought time on Pakistani television to denounce the video and its creator.  Obama’s federal government soon found grounds to imprison the Egyptian Copt.  I am less certain if he and Hillary did anything to apprehend the murderers of the Americans in Benghazi.
            Under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, there has been a policy that is often sympathetic to Muslims at the expense of the American people.  Recall the original 9/11 attacks in the US, in which Muslim terrorists hijacked American civilian planes to attack the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon (and a 4th plane was downed by passengers when they realized the Muslims were intending to use their plane as a missile).  Over 3,000 innocent Americans were killed by the Muslim terrorists in those attacks - and not a gun was fired.  Later, an official report was issued, but 28 pages were kept secret because they apparently showed connections between the terrorists and high Saudi officials.  Pres. Bush preferred a cover-up.  And so does Pres. Obama.  The cover-up continues to this day.
However, the situation grew worse under Obama.  He appointed as his first Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, one of whose most trusted advisors is Huma Abedin.  Although Huma had married Anthony Weiner, then a prominent Jewish Congressman from New York, she had links of a very different kind.  Her husband had hoped to become the mayor of New York City, but Weiner’s sex texting, when it became known, roused sufficient embarrassment, even in liberal NY, to force Weiner to withdraw from the race.  But even after the deflation of Weiner’s political prospects, Huma retained her post as a major advisor to one of the most influential people in America.  In addition to working for Hillary, Huma had links to the World Muslim League and the Muslim Brotherhood.
In a 2009 ruling, a Federal Judge in the case of the Holy Land Foundation concluded that the Muslim Brotherhood was an un-indicted co-conspirator funneling money to a terrorist organization, Hamas.  The new Obama Administration sought to ride to the rescue.  In his 22 Jun 2016 article on frontpage.com. Joseph Klein described Obama’s approach.   In a speech in Cairo in June 2009 Obama announced he would use his Presidency to “‘fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear’…his administration conducted what amounted to a censorship within the government…For example, an anti-terrorism conference scheduled for August…2011 was cancelled after Islamic groups protested…the content of several presentations and the speakers.”  
Klein added, “Beginning in the fall of 2011, the Dept. of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties undertook a campaign to purge any critical references to Islamic ideology and beliefs from intelligence and law enforcement training materials.”
Klein also reports that Patrick Haney, a retired, senior official of the DHS claimed that he was ordered to purge records he had accumulated in a data base that tied potential jihadists with various Islamic groups.  Haney alleged that had those files not been purged, there would have been a greater chance to detect and halt Mateen before he killed 49 people in Orlando.  On TV Haney stated he personally did not delete the files, but it was done by higher-ups at DHS.  And consider further, Mateen worked as a security guard for a company that was contracted to DHS!  He passed their security checks.  Someone wondered if he might have one day become a guard at a nuclear plant!  Is the government doing its job of protecting us from Muslim terrorists?
National Public Radio is hardly right-wing radio, but even its reporters had difficulties trying to explain the failure to recognize the threat posed by Army Major Nidal  Hasan.  Hasan was a psychiatrist, and some of those interviewed must have been his colleagues.  They were shocked to hear the hatred Hasan expressed toward America’s efforts in the Middle East.  They wondered what kind of counseling he was providing for soldiers needing psychiatric help.  Yet, these fellow professionals dared not officially complain, because they knew that doing so would be a mark against them, showing they might be racist, or prejudiced against Muslims, and it might cause them problems down the road in politically correct America.  Hasan wanted out of the army and he sought to avoid being sent to Afghanistan, but he could  not win the proper release.  So on 5 November 2009 at Ft. Hood, Texas, a gun-free zone, Major Hasan proceeded to kill 13 of his fellow soldiers and injure 30 more.  Islamic terrorism?  NO, concluded the Obama Administration.  This was simply work-place violence.  Just like the Obama’s Dept. of Justice is still searching for the real motive that caused Omar Mateen to kill 49 in Orlando.  Surely it was not Islamic terrorism.
Mateen a lone wolf?  Before his mass murders, Mateen sold his home to a relative for about $1.  Did they not ask any questions as to why?  At such a price?  The mosque Omar attended was the same one that inspired Moner Abu Salha to go to Syria as a suicide bomber in 2014.   Pure coincidence, I’m sure.  Mateen’s 2nd wife drove him to the Orlando bar.  She accompanied him and helped him purchase weapons.  And Mateen’s father is an Afghan and has his own videoTV show on politics in Afghanistan.  So clearly none of this influenced Omar Mateen; clearly he was a lone wolf who had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  He murdered 49 for some other reason, all alone.
The Russians warned the Americans about another immigrant family that we welcomed into the US, the Tsarnaevs.  They came as immigrants to the US and were soon ensconced on welfare.  They were Muslims sympathetic to radical Islam and terrorism.  Before setting off bombs on 15 April 2013 at the Boston Marathon – killing 3 and injuring 264 – the brothers had apparently killed a Jew in a “drug” deal (or perhaps merely for the Islamist ideal of killing a Jew).  After the bombing, the mother endorsed her sons’ actions, and she left America for her homeland.  I would hope her welfare payments have been stopped.
Why were the Russian warnings about this family as possible terrorists ignored by the American authorities?  Who is responsible for permitting such a murderous family into America?  And if not the individual, what policies prevent America from barring such potentially violent immigrants?
During WWII a policy of alliance with and appeasement toward the Soviet Union was adopted by high elements in the Administration of FDR, and possibly including Roosevelt himself; these policies resulted in the stealing of atomic secrets, which greatly advanced the Soviet development of its own bombs.  Furthermore, pro-Communist policies inside the US State, Treasury, and other federal departments, sabotaged aid to Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek, and sabotaged help to anti-Communist elements in Yugoslavia, Poland, and other lands.
Under Pres. George W. Bush and especially under Pres. Obama, a policy has developed so that America cannot defend itself against Muslim terrorists.  Additionally, Obama’s, and Hillary’s association with the MB and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) present a great danger.  Those groups assert that they are simply  defending civil rights and civil liberties for Muslims, but in reality they may be out to destroy the civil rights and civil liberties of those who expose the bigotry and history of violence and terror and slavery and oppression and terrorism in Islam?  Islam is not a religion of “peace.”  It grew through conquest.  It demands not equality with other groups; it demands submission by all to Islam and to its oppressive sharia law.  The Obama Administration pretends that Islam is a religion of peace.  But on this important issue, the Obama Administration lies.  The Obama Administration declared the Major Hasan murders to be workplace violence.  The Obama Administration lied.  The Obama Adm. demands that the FBI coordinate its anti-terror activities with groups like CAIR.  But CAIR  and similar groups are notorious for defending terrorism.  It will simply obstruct efforts to prevent terrorism. (For more on CAIR, see Daniel Pipes, “Is CAIR a Terror Group?” National Review, 28 Nov. 2014)  No wonder the Tsarnaevs were undetected until they bombed the Boston Marathon.  No wonder the Muslim terrorists in San Bernadino, Syed Farook and his foreign-born wife Tashfeen Malik, were allowed in the country and under the radar and allowed to murder 14 and seriously injure 22 on 2 December 2015.  They killed them, most of them his co-workers, at a party.  No wonder Omar Mateen, even after mouthing off against this group and that, was allowed to pass security clearances and get a job in security at a company that has contracts with the DHS.  No wonder he was allowed to kill 49 at Pulse night club.
I do not maintain that all Muslims are terrorists.  There are peaceful Muslims who are willing to abide by the American Constitution.  But there are other Muslims who reject America, Western civilization, our notions of freedom, and out Constitution.  Our government is failing utterly to distinguish between them.  Worse, it appears as if some inside   our bureaucracies sympathize with those who would use terrorism against us.  In our efforts not to offend Muslims, not to profile, not to track those who favor the Islamic State or other tyrannical and terrorist groups, the US Government is betraying the American people.  Or rather, elements of the US Govt are doing so.    

The present Obama Administration policies are killing Americans.  It would be as if FDR had ordered J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI to coordinate with the Communist Party, USA, to uncover any Soviet spies in America.  The CPUSA would naturally tip off anyone under suspicion.  Indeed even the non-Communist, co-President Harry Hopkins did that too.  In the 1940s there was a vast conspiracy inside the US government working to aid international Communism.  Today, there appears to be conspirators inside the US government working to appease and provide easy access for Muslim terrorists.  The results of such appeasement policies will be the murder of innocent Americans and the long-term destruction of the USA.  It is time for a change.

Friday, July 8, 2016


     At a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, shots rang out.  Soon, police officers were falling.  A sniper was targeting white police officers, killing 5, wounding several others.
     Before one sniper (there may have been others) was killed by authorities, he told police he was angry, he wanted to kill whites, he wanted to kill white police officers.  And he did so.
     Pres. Obama gave a short speech in Europe, his Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch gave a speech in the US, and various political figures decried the incident.
    BUT SOMETHING IMPORTANT WAS MISSING.  The Obama Administration refused to label Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism, even when the Orlando murderer of 49 pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and praised Allah while killing innocent Americans.  Obama, with a father and a step father who were Muslims will not condemn radical Islamic terrorism.  And that is the policy of his Administration.  Republicans do identify jihadist murderers as Islamic terrorists.
    While the sniper in Dallas revealed his hatred for whites and police, while he acknowledged his desire to kill whites and white police - and while this is clearly a racist statement - major politicians refuse to call the killings an example of Black racism.  Obama, who is basically a Black racist himself and sat for 20 years in the pew of a church where the pastor preached against whites, is not about to call out Black racism.  Nor will other Democrats, for over 90% of the Black vote goes for Democratic candidates.  But Republicans also avoid the phrase, Black racism.  Many liberal Republicans, working under the illusion that they can somehow gain the Black vote, will say nothing to offend Blacks.  They will not dare speak of "Black racism.:  And the academedia complex - it is complicit in the great lie.  They pretend that Blacks cannot be racists.  Because Blacks lack the power, by definition they cannot be racists.  A president, an attorney general, mayors all over the country, etc., but the pretence continues, Blacks have no power, so, by definition, they cannot be racists.
     Of course, Black criminals show their power when they rob, mug, beat, and kill whites.  Where crime is interracial, it is overwhelmingly Black perpetrator, white victim.  Blacks invade shopping malls, convenience stores, robbing and beating, and nothing happens.  Lately, they hijack autos, and if they are young enough, nothing happens.  Read Flaherty's books like White Girl Bleed a Lot.
      Black racism exists; it can be violent; it can be deadly.  But neither Democrats not Republicans dare even utter the phrase, BLACK RACISM.
      The young white murderer who entered a Black church and killed several at a worship service was a white racist and a murderer.  Because there were photos of him with the Confederate flag,  the Republican SC Gov. removed the historic flag and went to war against that symbol of a past war.  On the net, Black racist sites advocating killing whites show the Black liberation flag, black, red, and green.  Does anyone urge the removal of this flag as racist and a symbol that might inspire murders?
    Hugh Murray