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Thursday, November 28, 2013


            We rarely think of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of Pres. John Kennedy, as a stud.  Perhaps, it is time to reconsider.  The following is part of a page from Charles E. Hurlburt’s It’s Time for the Truth: The JFK Cover-up: The Real Crime of the Century (2012), p. 115.
            “Although Oswald espoused a fondness for the Russian language and political system [while in the Marines] so openly that he was given the name ‘Oswaldskovich’ by his fellow Marines, he was assigned duties that allowed him access to ‘top secret’ areas and data.  Atsugi [US base in Japan] was not far from Tokyo, and Oswald often went into town, like most of the American servicemen, to visit the many nightclubs and meet girls.  One such club, named the Queen Bee, was too expensive for low-paid enlisted men like Oswald (one date there could exceed what Oswald was netting per month).  Nevertheless, he was seen there on several occasions in the company of one of the hostesses who, according to another Marine buddy, was questioning Oswald about his work at Atsugi.  Some researchers hypothesize that Oswald was being funded by his superiors to frequent this over-his-head establishment and feed false information to this ‘KGB spy.’  Fueling suspicion that Oswald was more than he appeared tp be was a Marine medical report showing that he was treated for a venereal disease that he contracted ‘in the line of duty, not to his own misconduct.’  His dates with the ‘KGB spy’ may be the explanation for his being treated for gonorrhea contracted ‘in the line of duty.”

            On this blog, I previously posted “Lee Harvey Oswald – Stud?”  I shall add this to that post.  But because that post is older, I am also posting this separately.  Was the US government subsidizing Oswald’s amorous encounter for his role as a spy?  Was Oswald a lady killer, a stud, a cold-war Chippendaler?  Was he a President killer?  A lady killer?  Or both?  Was he a lone nut?  Or someone who spread such cheer, that the government paid for his romances?  (To avoid confusion, "lady killer" is a phrase for a man whom women find very attractive, and whom they want to bed.  It does not mean a man who murders women.)HUGH MURRAY

Monday, November 25, 2013


    I have already written about where I was and what I was doing when Pres. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  I repeat a shortened version of the story to make an important point.  I was teaching at a new school in New Orleans, a private one.  There were 3 classes of 5 grade classes, all near each other.  During time for lunch, Mrs. Flagg had her pupils eat in the classroom (we had no cafeteria) and enjoy a bit of play.  One pupil had brought a small transistor radio, and Mrs. Flagg called me into her room to listen to something special.  The 3 of us craned our necks over the small radio, trying to hear over the din of the rest of the pupils at play.
    I heard the news, and then had to return to my class.  I was absent for only a few minutes, for it is not wise to leave a class unattended for any length of time.  I reentered, closed the door behind me, and announced, "I just heard on the radio that Pres. Kennedy has been shot it Dallas."  Immediately, the kids erupted in cheers and applause.  One girl was the exception; she placed her head on a table and cried.  I was shocked by the reaction, and for once, angry at my pupils.  I said, "You think this is the end of integration.  That segregation in the South is now safe (almost all of us assumed the President had been killed to halt integration.)"  Then I told them of the assassination of Pres. Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, and how some thought that would restore victory to the South.  Instead, it only made the North more determined to destroy slavery and the old Southern way of life.
    I repeat this story because the website vdare has an article by Hugh McInnis who was teaching at a public school in a small town in central Alabama.  When the news came over the loudspeaker that Pres. Kennedy had been killed, his students also cheered.  I recall a guest on a news program earlier this year who was in Florida when Kennedy was killed.  Again, the school children cheered.
    Only with all the news on TV about the 50th anniversary of the assassination did I hear of the story of how CBS reporter Dan Rather was almost fired in November 1963.  Rather, who worked for the Dallas affiliate of CBS, KRLD, reported that school children at a school in Dallas cheered the news of the assassination.  His superiors were outraged.  No.  It must have been that they were cheering the news that they would be dismissed from school early as a result of the assassination.  Apparently, the school officials did not want the reputation of the institution besmirched with such a report about its students.  They were going to fire Rather, when national CBS intervened to save his job.  The pupils WERE cheering the assassination of Kennedy, and then they were happy to be released from school.
    I have heard that there were many schools in the South where students cheered in celebration of the killing of Kennedy and "his integrationist policies."  But there was almost no reporting of this.
    I think that one reason for the silence was that when Oswald was found, and deemed the assassin, he was also labeled a Communist.  And with that news, some people reacted, "Oh, isn't it awful what that Communist did (in killing Kennedy)?  And then they would smile or wink.
    Once the villain was labeled as a Red, those who initially cheered the deed, suddenly pretended to be sad.  The myth was that no one would celebrate the killing of Kennedy and Camelot - except a lone, nut Commie.  I think this refusalt to report the truth about the cheering was one of the first examples of a cover-up in the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy.---------Hugh Murray

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Some Reflections about the program--------Hugh Murray
            There are some obvious questions that rise after viewing the PBS Frontline special on Oswald.  For example, Oswald was arrested in downtown New Orleans in 1963 when several anti-Castroites surrounded him as he distributed his pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflets.  The program interviewed several NOPD officers who handled Oswald.  They wondered why he simply did not pay the $25 and leave.  Instead, he wanted to be finger-printed and booked.  What the program did not show, is that he also requested to be interviewed by the FBI.  That occurred.  Yet, there is no record in the files of what he said.
            Frontline interviewed Dallas FBI Agent Hosty a number of times on the program.  Yet, no one asked Hosty about the time in November 1963 when Oswald visited and left a note at the Dallas FBI office.  After Oswald’s arrest on November 22, J. Edgar Hoover ordered that all such records be destroyed, and Agent Hosty dutifly flushed Oswald’s note down the toilet.
            Another authority interviewed by Frontline was staunch supporter of the Warren Commission’s basic thesis, Gerald Posner, author of Case Closed.  In that book, Posner showed that because of the different dates of activities, David Ferrie could not have been active in the Civil Air Patrol when Oswald was active.  With the photograph showing Oswald and Ferrie, and testimony of former members, it is clear that Posner can be wrong on some things.  Missing were questions about Ferrie as a powerful influence on some youngsters.  The isolation of the young Oswald in New York (discussed by social workers), may have ceased once the teen joined the CAP in NO.  I knew someone who believed his whole life had been turned around for the better because of Ferrie.  Ferrie was gay, but my friend was quite straight.  Still, Ferrie helped to mold him so he would become a success, and today there is a building named after my old friend.  Might Ferrie’s patriotism have inspired the young Oswald to quit Warren Easton High to join the Marines.
            When Oswald left for the USSR, others have noted he was allegedly going to a university in Europe, he flew to Finland on a plane when there were no commercial flights, and so on.  Yet, the CIA asserts he was not an agent.  Of course, some of the files still under wraps are those of the CIA re Oswald.
            Frontline showed Oswald distributing FPCC leaflets in NO.  He was not alone.  He was paying some to leaflet with him.  How many leftists PAY to have others leaflet?  It is absurd.  Just like religious people distribute literature on the street, the point is also to speak and convert the passers-by.  A church would not have an atheist leafleting.  A leftist, who believes in the cause, would want other believers to leaflet, not simply neutrals.  And where did Oswald get the money for the fellow leafleters?  Why were they not interviewed?  Or, were they possibly some of the gay Latinos who accompanied Oswald to the office of Attorney Dean Andrews?  (The attorney who spoke about a Clem Bertrand, whom some think was Clay Shaw).  And some of the leafleting pictured on Frontline just happens to be in front of the old International Trade Mart, whose leader just happened to be Clay Shaw – not mentioned on Frontline.
            There was no discussion of the possibility that Oswald was at a training camp in 1963 in Louisiana for those planning another invasion of Cuba to oust Castro.
            Once Oswald was arrested, he was paraded occasionally before the reporters.  When someone mistakenly linked Oswald by mistake, not with the FPCC, but with a group that was anti-Castro, who corrected the error?  Jack Ruby, in the police station knew the politics of the Cuban groups, and immediately corrected the speaker, that Oswald was not in the anti-Castro group, but was pro-Castro.
            For much of the proof of Oswald’s guilt, Frontline relied on the words of Priscilla McMillan.  After the assassination, when Marina Oswald was probably one of the most hated women in America, McMillan spent much time with her.  McMillan had been in the Soviet Union, too.  There are many who believe she was CIA.  Marina did not partake in the program, but on other programs, she has stated that Oswald was innocent.  Immediately after the assassination, she may have been so frightened she told McMillan what McMillan and the US government wanted to hear.  Marina’s absence should be considered.
            The grassy knoll hardly exists in Frontline.  When people rushed up the hill, they were met by a Secret Service Agent, showing his credentials.  Later, the Secret Service denied having any agent there.  The autopsy questions were sloughed over; NO District Attorney Jim Garrison’s trial placed one of the autopsy doctors, Pierre Finck, under oath, and he admitted when he went to probe the path of a bullet in Kennedy, he was ordered not to do so by the big brass in the room at Bethesda Hospital.

            Frontline, with its emphasis on the defenders of the official line – Posner, Hosty, McMillan, has produced one more defense of the lone-nut theory.  It ignored most of the major critics.  It was a disappointing program.

Martin Bashir - Base Shit

      Martin Bashir, a British journalist who previously reported on ABC-TV's Nightline, and now has his own program on cable television MSNBC is part of the liberal media establishment.  On Friday 15 November, proving his proper credentials, he declared that someone should shit into the mouth of conservative politician Sarah Palin.  By contrast, nothing but shit comes out of the mouth of Mr. Bashir.
      The following week Bashir apologized to Palin.  He keeps his job.  Had Bashir suggested someone shit into the mouth of Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, he would have been fired on the spot.  But it is OK to humiliate a conservative woman.  Like the liberal late-night TV host and comedian, Jimmy Fallon, Bashir keeps his job.  Fallon had invited onto his program conservative Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  The music that accompanied her introduction on the show as she walked onto the stage was "Lyin Ass Bitch."  Fallon apologized, but no one was fired.  Liberals pretend to be compassionate, yet they are the most vicious people in attacking those with whom they disagree.  They do not debate, they insult and smear and intimidate - and get away with it.
      I am old, and I have never heard in all my years anyone on radio or TV speak of shitting in someone else's mouth.  It is a new low.  Yet, if anyone criticizes Obamacare, or the murders in Benghazi, or the amnesty for invaders proposals, then one is a racist and should be shut up, fired, etc.  Unfortunately, the trend in the West over the past few decades has been away from freedom, away from free speech, and instead toward the humiliation, firing, beating, or worse, for those who oppose the Leftwing orthodoxy.
         Hugh Murray  

Sunday, November 3, 2013


                                       by Hugh Murray  
      I think there is a comparison to be made between Obamacare, the "Affordable Health Care Act," and the poll tax levied by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government in the UK some years ago.  We normally do not compare Thatcher and Obama, but in this case, it may be apropos.  Obamacare mandates that all Americans purchase insurance.  If they do not, the fines for the first year are small, but they rise to become quite heavy fines after a few years.  When Obamacare was challenged in court, going all the way to the US Supreme Court, the American high court ruled in 2012 that Obamacare was legal, it was simply another tax.  In reality, it is another poll tax.
     Thatcher's tax was the product of the British Tories, and the Labour Party and the Left responeded with massive riots.  Implementation of the act was also very difficult to enforce, with local councils unable to be certain who was staying in the government houses, and if they were students, employed, unemployed, and therefore what rate of the tax they must pay.  Needless to say, Obamacare is off to a slow start.
     Thatcher's poll tax was to take effect in 1990, but riots, its unpopularity, its difficulty in implementing, all weakened her leadership.  She also had other rivals in the Tory Party who disagreed with her opposition to closer relations with "Europe," the expanding Common Market.  While on a visit by P. M. Thatcher to Europe, her Tory opponents led a coup inside the Conservative Party, and deposed her.  Margaret Thatcher was no longer Tory leader; no longer Prime Minister.  Her Conservative successor, John Major, scrapped the poll tax.
    Obamacare will raise the insurance rates on most middle-class Americans.  For some, the rates will rise sharply, AND the co-pay may now be thousands of dollars instead of the previous $50 or so.  Worse, with millions more in the pool, and the same number, OR FEWER DOCTORS WILLING TO PARTAKE IN THE NEW PLANS, it may take far longer to visit a doctor.  In effect, Obamacare, with new delays, will probably institute death panels, even if there are no panels - just millions of more patients with fewer doctors.
     Will there be riots against the new American poll tax?  Will Obama fall like Thatcher?  We shall see.