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Saturday, August 8, 2020




August 8, 2020 by Hugh Murray

Former Vice President Joseph Biden is the presumptive nominee of the Democrats, as all the other contenders withdrew and endorsed the Delaware Democrat. Biden, using the corona virus as an excuse, has remained at his home for most of recent months. Indeed, this week he announced he would not make his scheduled appearance before the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for middle August in Milwaukee in a slimmed-down gathering. Now, even that is abandoned, and the DNC will be a virtual affair.

When he has appeared in public in recent months, Biden has not performed that well. Reading telepromter speeches, he seems wooden, without enthusiasm, and still he stumbles over words and phrases. Sometimes, he even looks lost. Other times, he loses his train of thought, getting tangled in confusion. Sometimes, he is incomprehensible; occasionally, controversial, as when he took a question from a Black jounalist, did Biden take one of the cognitive tests. Though in previous clips, Biden said he would take one, this time he reacted angrily against the journalist, suggesting the question was like asking the reporter to take a drug test for cocaine for inquiring in such a manner. A day later Biden asserted that Hispanics were far more diverse than Afro-Americans. In recent months, Biden does not seem like a major contender for the Presidency. Clearly, he is not dead, but he is not displaying much life and awareness. So, I shall call him Zombie Joe Biden. I do this because I do not think him capable of taking on all the responsibilites of the Presidency.

There is a simple way Biden could disprove the nation's apprehensions. Normally, during Presidential elections, there are presidential debates. Trump obviously wants to debate Biden. However, Biden supporters in the media, like writers at the New York Times, have urged Biden NOT to debate Trump. His supporters fear he may not do well. Notre Dame U., site of one of the scheduled debates, withdrew from the process. The Jesuit institution cited the virus as the excuse. The mainstream media, usually with ties to the Democrats, is not pushing for any debates this year. Keeping the shaky Biden looking strong is more important to Democrats than having the candidate take a cognitive test or debating his opponent.

If the Democrats really believe that Biden is capable of leading the US, if they believe he can handle China's Xi, Russia's Putin, North Korea's Kim, Iran's Ayatollah, and all the other world leaders, then surely Biden should be able to handle a few debates with Trump. If the Democrats find more excuses to shield Biden, and stop him from debating Trump, it will be evident that the leaders of the Democratic Party do not have faith that Biden can handle either a debate or the big problems America faces. If Biden is capable, he should be able to debate. If he cannot debate, Zombie Joe should not have his finger on nuclear bombs.


One of the issues pushed to the forefront this year after the video of the Minneapolis and George Floyd was the charge of “systemic racism” that denied Blacks equal opportunity and basic rights. In the speeches at protests conducted by Black Lives Matter, the phrase was stressed, and it was echoed by many Democratic politicians. The general media was so sympathic to the protests, break-ins, arson, beatings, and general thuggery, that they rarely mentioned that BLM was a Marxist organization, radical, and that it had inspired the murder of several policemen in different cities. The media also portrayed the extremely violent Anti-Fa group, which was also quite active in the “protests,” as just another organization, ignoring its history of violence, and a history that began in Berlin in summer 1932 where it was established in the facilities of the German Communist Party. Ending systemic racism would be one way of excusing much of the violence of the mobs throughout the nation this summer. Democrats generally rallied to the call; Republicans sought to ignore the issue, while a few might try to deny the charge.

Let me make it clear, there is systemic racism inside the US Government, and outside in corporations, and most places all over America. Moreover, the systemic racism is LEGAL! And it has a name: affirmative action. Ever since Pres. Richard Nixon, Republican, revived the Philadelphia Plan in 1969, and then through Executive Orders, extended the quota policies inherent in the Philadelphia Plan, to the entire government, and later extended the quotas to women and Hispanics and then others, ever since then, there has been a creeping quota system, a systemic racial quota policy in America. To gain Congressional approval, the Nixon Administration lobbied the NAACP for help to prevent a Democratic proposal to ban quotas, and by a very close vote in the House, Nixon and his racial quotas were upheld. Thereafter, racial quotas were applied in hiring, promotions, university admissions, in government jobs, and in the private workforce, everywhere in America, affirmative action (quotas) became policy. In reality, this meant that no longer was the best candidate for a job hired; to fill a racial quota, a lesser, or even an unqualified minority might be hired while the better qualified white or male, or later Asian, would be left with nothing. Make no mistake: affirmative action for one was negative action against another. The prime target of these quotas was the white male. Systemic racial discrimination against white men has been rampant in America since Republican Nixon instituted the policy.

Affirmative action quota thinking spread beyond jobs. Thus, under Pres. Obama, his Atty. Gen. Sent letters to all public schools threatening lawsuits if they suspended or expelled minorities at a higher percentage than white. Because more Blacks and Hispanics were disciplined that whites, the quota-thinking Obama crowd saw that as racism. (They did not find it sexism that many more boys were disciplined than girls.) And now this lunacy of quotas is part of the defund the police and open the jail movement because most criminals are people of color.

Despite the entrenchment of affirmative action and quotas in America, there were minor ballot revolts against such discrimination. In 1994 the people of California passed a proposition to ban consideration of race and ethnicity in university admissions. In Michigan it also got onto the ballot, - usually the Establishment of Democrats and liberal Republicans did not want such votes. On the ballot, all the “respectables” in Michigan, church leaders, Democrats, some Republicans argued against it and how giving preferences to minorities was moral. The respectables forgot that Rev. Martin Luther King at the March on Washington dreamt of the time when people would be judged by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin. Affirmative action bases all you chances on the box you hit, basically the color of your skin, not your qualifications. The Equal Opportunity office does not want equal opportunity; it demands preferences for some, and denial of opportunity for others. The entire civil rights project became Orwellian in America – all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

After 24 years of Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action ballot law, this year the Democrats are seeking its repeal before the voters. They will vote on Nov. 3, also the day for the Presidential election, whether to repeal the anti-quota bill, and restore the official affirmative action policies so common in America. California will have an opportunity to vote on expanding system racism in a few months. Of course, California has changed in 24 years, more invasion, more illegal aliens. And some will undoubtedly vote. Will they vote to judge an individual by his own merits, his own achievements, intelligence, etc. Or, to guaranty racial quotas, give lesser qualified students those openings, those scholarships, those jobs?

There is systemic racism in America today, but it is anti-white, anti-male, and more recently, anti-Asian. It discriminates on the basis of race. Will we expand that racism? Or not?

Monday, August 3, 2020


To All, 
    With the demands by Democrats for ever more voting by mail, and with various rules by states as to when these ballots must be returned to be counted, America may not know who has won the election on the night of November 3, 2020.  Conservative radio hosts have asserted that the Biden campaign has gathered over 70 attorneys who will litigate the election results.  I suspect the Republicans will have their teams of lawyers, too.  But what is strange, is it true that the Democrats have sent out a call for Russian embalmers - like the ones who have kept Lenin looking alive though he died nearly a century ago in 1924.  Their techniques have been used on leaders of North Korea, and even in Venezuela.  Why would the Democrats be interested in such experts when Joe Biden is so sprightly?
I am joking about the embalmers, but Woodrow Wilson's wife suddenly had great powers when the President fell ill after WWI.  Could we end with a virtual, but deceased President in the White House, but still making speeches?   Hugh Murray 

    Protestors, rioters, and many Democrats, following the video of 4 Minneapolis kneeling on George Floye, and his death, many demanded not only the defunding of police, but also the end of qualified immunity for police officers who engage in struggles with people who may engage in crime.  If this threat were to be enacted, then police could be sued for damages and in other ways by perpetrators and their families.
    Dr. Fauci and other American medical officials who work in the national and state health bureaucracies are adamant that hydroxychloroquine HCQ should not be used to cure or as a preventative against the corona virus.  Yet, doctors who have patients with the virus have used HCQ and many found the results positive.  On a video, a Nigerian woman doctor claimed to have cured over 300 patients using HCQ, and she was familiar with the drug as she had used it in Nigeria where malaria is a major problem.  She also asked when was the last time the famous Dr. Fauci used his stethoscope on a patient.  Fauci, who has worked in for decades in the Federal health bureaucracy may not have had any corona virus patients.  One doctor, a frequent guest on Fox, a man about 60 told of an elderly patient of his, a man suffering with the virus, and fading fast.  He gave him HCQ and the old man quickly recovered.  His elderly patient who recovered was his own father.    I have heard other doctors discuss their personal experience using HCQ with possitive results (usually zinc and other drugs may be used with it).
    Fauci and the Establishment reject these examples.  They demaned the video be suppressed.  They also demand that the drug be suppressed.  In some states, health commissioners are even willing to revoke licenses of doctors who prescribe HCQ.  They have pushed pharmacies not to fulfill doctor's prescriptions when patients bring it in.  The Establishment cites studies where large doses of HCQ were given to patients with bad side effects.  But the Front Line doctors said the amount given in those studies was far too much and was toxic.  A much smaller amount is required, and it is very cheap.
    Indeed, the very inexpensiveness of HCQ may be one reason Fauci and the Establishment are so hostile to it.  They prefer other drugs that may cost a patient not $20 bit $2,000.
    If HCQ can save lives, and if doctors in the Establishment are preventing its use, can those who die from the virus have their families sue the Establishment doctors?  Is there a qualified immunity for the bureaucrats so that they can deny the public and other doctors information; AND deny doctors and patients access to the medicine that could save lives?

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


  In June 2020 the US House of Representatives voted 232 to 180 to make Washington, D. C., the 51st state in the union. All the Democrats but one voted for; all the Republican votes were no. If the District were to become a state, Democrats would almost certainly gain 2 Senate seats and several more in the House. What are some of the issues involved?

According to Wikipedia: “The mayor of the District of Columbia is the head of the executive branch of the government of the District of Columbia, .... The mayor has the duty to enforce district laws, and the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the Council of the District of Columbia, . . .. In addition, the mayor oversees all district services, public property [my emphasis], police and fire protection, most public agencies, and the public school system within the District of Columbia.”

It may surprise readers to know that during much of its history Washington did not have the same kind of government as most American cities. The District was created from land ceded to the Federal Government by two states, Maryland and Virginia, and it was to be the home of the Congress, Supreme Court, and the residence of the President. No mayor would have such power as to impede the workings of the national government. Later, national monuments, foreign embassies, and other activities emphasized that Washington, D. C., was more than just another city, it was a national city, the nation's capital.

It was not until the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and discussions of voting rights for Blacks that the political climate changed. Many local questions were still handled by Congressional committees. Wikipedia summarizes what happened after President Richard Nixon's landslide victory of 1972: “In 1973, Congress enacted the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, providing for an elected mayor and 13-member district council, with the first elections to take place the following year.  Incumbent mayor-commissioner Walter Washington was elected the first home-rule Mayor of the District of Columbia on November 5,1974.  He took office on January 2, 1975, heading the district's first popularly-elected government in over a century.” So, although Washington is an old city, it has been electing mayors and councilmen like other cities for only 45 years. It is not a state; not a regular city; it is the nation's capital, with all the nation's major offices, libraries, museums, and monuments. It is a jewel of the nation.

But some seemed to misuse the jewelry box. Again, from Wikipedia, which is not a right-wing site: “The local government, particularly during the mayoralty of Washington's successor, Marion Barry (1979–1991), was criticized for mismanagement and waste. Barry defeated Mayor Washington in the 1978 Democratic Party primary. Barry was then elected mayor, serving three successive four-year terms. During his administration in 1989, The Washington Monthly magazine claimed that the district had 'the worst city government in America'.  After being imprisoned for six months on misdemeanor drug charges in 1990, Barry did not run for reelection.[9] In 1991, Sharon Pratt Kelly became the first black woman to lead the district. Barry was elected again in 1994, and by the next year the district had become nearly insolvent.”

The Federals came to the rescue and for several years had to oversee Washington's expenditures, and by 2001, the District was again in charge of its own finances. In 2014 Muriel Bowser became mayor for a 4-year term, and was re-elected in 2018. In 2020 in Minneapolis a large Black man who had been using drugs sought to pass a counterfeit $20. When police came to apprehend him, the senior officer led the other 3, one rookie had only be on the job a few days, in showing the techniques to down a large, hostile and unruly individual. Others videotaped pieces of the action. Bottom line, Officer Chauvin knelt on George Floyd's neck until the man died.

With much of the nation's youth in lock down because of the corona virus, unable to see each other at school, at the playground, at the basketball game, or the baseball game or even the soccer game, suddenly there were calls to protest the murder they all saw on tv. Get outside, see your friends, and protest the police murder of George Floyd. The George Soros funded machines sped into operation to lead the protests, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Fa, and local groups suddenly rose to channel the youth into protest areas. The protests began in Minneapolis, home of the Floyd incident, but national media (liberal Democratic and leftist biased) promoted the riots as justified reaction to the police brutality. Suddenly there were protests in cities throughout the nation, and youths met their friends again, ignored the virus, and had a great time chanting together, all in favor of “justice,” against kneeling on a suspects neck, of allowing perps to breathe, etc. In Minneapolis, the protests had turned violent, breaking show-windows, breaking into stores, looting, burning the stores. The “peaceful” protests, became anything but; a difference of day and night; often peaceful by day, violent by night. The same pattern spread faster than a virus throughout the nation.

Then the protests hit Washington, D.C. The Wikipedia entry on George Floyd Protests in Washington, D.C., provides basic information. “Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, has seen a series of protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Most of the events were peaceful, while some involved violence and looting.” After the general description, the entry goes into daily detail. May 29:

“The White House was on lockdown the night of May 29 in response to protests reaching the gates.  The protests begun at 7:00 p.m. By 8:30 p.m., the White House lockdown was lifted as protesters began to leave. At 10:00 p.m., the protesters returned however by 3:30 am Saturday the protesters were more subdued. The protesters came into conflict with the United States Secret Service. At times, the protesters got close enough to inflict minor injuries on certain officers. At one point the protesters were pepper sprayed  Several Secret Service agents reportedly suffered broken bones due to rocks and bottles of urine and alcohol thrown at them by rioters.

“As a result of the protests, the Secret Service rushed President Donald Trump to shelter in the White House underground bunker, where he remained for almost one hour.  This occurred after some protesters crossed temporary barricades set up near the Treasury Department buildings. Around that time, the Secret Service alert level was raised to 'red'. The president's wife and son were also brought to the bunker.  Trump later falsely claimed that he had only gone to the bunker for an 'inspection', and also claimed that he was in the bunker 'for a tiny, little short period of time'.  Attorney General William Barr later stated that the May 29 protests 'were so bad that the Secret Service recommended that the President go down to the bunker'.

“President Trump responded to the White House protesters on Twitter, saying that if they had crossed the White House fence they would have been attacked by 'the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons'. He also stated that 'many Secret Service agents [are] just waiting for action', and accused the protesters of being 'professionally organized'. The Secret Service reported that six people were arrested in Lafayette Park. D.C. Metro Police and US Park Police were also on the scene.”

A founder of Wikipedia complained a few months ago that the institution now leans too far to the left. It is not a right-wing news outlet. Yet, in its description of events on the first night of the “mainly peaceful protests,” the President and his family had to be escorted to an underground bunker because of the physical threats posed by the subversive mobs outside the White House. Though Trump lied about the bunker, that he had to leave his home with his wife and son because of such a hostile, violent mob, is itself a disgrace.

Wikipedia describes the events of May 30: “Protesters gathered around the White House again on May 30.  Police vehicles were damaged with one protester graffitiing words disparaging the President.  Monuments on the National Mall including the Lincoln Memorial and National World War II Memorial were defaced.”

For June 30, Wikipedia adds: “In response to violent protests, Mayor Bowser announced a citywide curfew from 7pm to 6am, which remained in effect through June 3. An additional curfew from 11pm to 6am was added for the night of June 3.

“Amid ongoing protests, U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, stingball grenades, horses, shields and batons to clear peaceful demonstrators from Lafayette Square and surrounding streets, creating a path for President Trump to walk to St. John's Episcopal Church.  Trump held a bible and posed for photos in front of the church, which was damaged in a fire during protests on May 31.  The enforcement action was seen by many as excessive and an affront to First Amendment rights of peaceful protesters.  The U.S. Park Police disputes this interpretation of events.”

The media, generally leftist, continually reported that the Lafayette Park protestors were peaceful, yet Atty. Gen. Barr asserted that the Park Service had found many objects that could be used as weapons from metal bars to stones and bottles. Barr accompanied Trump on this walk to the Episcopal Church, which had historic value and called “The President's Church.” Yet, the mob the previous night had attempted to burn it. The female Bishop of that church complained about Trump's photo opportunity. Yet, if the mob came again, would she defend her church? Could she? Could she rely on the liberal Democrat Mayor to do so?. The Trump walk to the church, and the clearing of the rabble from the park, may well have occurred after curfew. Was the Democratic Mayor ordering the arrest of the curfew violators?

Wikipedia describes some of the events of June 2: “On Tuesday, up to 2,000 people demonstrated, the largest crowd up to that date. Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband Bruce H. Mann spoke with protesters. The protests centered on Lafayette Square in front of the White House, and also included a march to the Capitol Building. . . .
Overall, federal law enforcement presence was notably increased, which Mayor Muriel Bowser said was not the result of a request by the city.  In contrast with previous days, violence occurred." [Emph. Mine]

For July 3, 2020, Wikipedia related: “Over 5,000 were estimated to have taken part in peaceful demonstrations across the city, including those well past curfew into Thursday morning. No arrests were made, and no confrontations with police or damage to police property occurred.
. . .”[Atty. Gen.] Barr announced that he would 'flood the zone' in D.C. by bringing in law enforcement agents from multiple federal agencies. Barr himself was supervising the operation from an FBI command center in Washington's Chinatown.  The deployment involved at least 5,800 troops, agents, and officers including personnel from the National Guard, US Secret Service, US Park Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Drug Enforcement Administration, US Marshals Service, Bureau of Prisons, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Protective Service and the Transportation Security Administration.  The heavily-armed officers wore uniforms with no name badges and no insignia to show what agency they worked for, and they refused to answer questions. [Thus, that night there may have been more officers than protestors on the streets of DC, which may explain the more peaceful side of the demonstrators.-HM]

For June 5, Wikipedia presented this description: “On June 5 muralists painted the words "Black Lives Matter" in 35-foot letters on 16th Street NW leading up to the White House and Lafayette Square with the assistance of the city government, which gave the section of the street the honorary name Black Lives Matter Plaza.

“Mayor Bowser asked Trump to 'withdraw all extraordinary law enforcement and military presence from Washington, D.C.', noting that protests the night before had been peaceful and she has ended the protest-related state of emergency in the city.  The Pentagon later that day announced it was withdrawing 1,600 active-duty troops it had deployed near the city.” [True, protests the previous day had been peaceful, but that night's activities were interrupted by a major thunderstorm, causing the mobs to disperse.- HM]

Wikipedia had more glowing things to report for June 6: “Demonstrations on Saturday featured over 10,000 people, the most of any in the city up to that point. Among the protestors that day were Senators Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren, and Representative John Lewis.  The largest were centered around the White House, as in previous days, . . . Other gatherings occurred intermittently at various locations, . . .

“Law enforcement presence was heavily scaled back, and the atmosphere resembled what some participants characterized as resembling a 'block party' or 'festival', in sharp contrast to the previous weekend.  Some individuals spray-painted "Defund the Police" on the street where "Black Lives Matter" had been painted earlier the previous day, in a move intended to criticize Mayor Bowser, who also spoke at the protests near the White House."

Wikipedia then skips to June 23 to report further action: “Hundreds of protesters gathered near a bronze statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square. Protesters spray painted "killer" and other phrases on the pedestal. Protesters then affixed ropes to the statue and attempted to pull it down. Police used batons and pepper spray to disperse the protesters.”
Under the heading “Vandalism,” Wikipedia had a short summary: “The Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the statue of General Casimir Pulaski were vandalized during the protests in Washington, D.C.

“The statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of India's independence movement against the British rule, was vandalised by unknown individuals. The incident prompted the Indian Embassy to register a complaint with law enforcement agencies. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the Indian Ambassador to the United States called the vandalism 'a crime against humanity'.  U.S. President Donald Trump called the defacement of Mahatma Gandhi's statue in D.C. a 'disgrace'. [Note that this summary makes no mention of the attempt to pull down the statue of the Hero of New Orleans, President Andrew Jackson, or objects thrown on the lawn of the White House or in other parks and public areas.-HM]

There are presently proposals being voiced by Democrats to make the District of Columbia a state. It is not a state. It was initially carved from two states to be the nation's capital. As the capital, it was for many years ruled directly by Congress. The city has a special place, and the Congress is located there, the US Supreme Court, the White House, and the many monuments, museums, agencies, erected to represent the nation as a whole.

When the Mayor and home-rule city government fails to protect the national monuments, allows mobs to so threaten the White House that the President and his family had to be escorted into an underground bunker for protection, when the Mayor commands that the name of a Marxist, semi-terrorist organization be painted in 35 ft letters on a major street beside the lawn of the White House, when she orders the painting of a racist slogan on that street, and used the same racist slogan to rename a plaza, when she allowed the desecration by the mob of the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Memorial, and others, disturbing most Americans, and when the mob attacked the statue of Gandhi, it created international difficulties for the United States, when the Mayor is either in collusion with the mobs, or unable to control them, either way her incompetence or subversion can no longer be endured in the nation's capital.

How can anyone call Black Lives Matter a racist slogan? If Trump had commanded another major street be decorated with huge letters proclaiming White Lives Matter, the media would be in an uproar about the racist message. All Lives Matter provokes the same hatred by the mob; they find it too racist! One should realize that privileging one race over others, as in Mayor Bowser's ordered lettering, that is racism.


Therefore, I urge President Trump to depose Mayor Muriel Bowser, and make Washington D. C. a national capital again under direction of the nation's executive until a more permanent solution to the problem can be found. Washington D C must remain a safe space for the nation as a whole. Mobs cannot be allowed to demolish what the people of the nation have created. The President must intervene to save the capital for all America, and punish the mobs that seek to destroy the cherished symbols of the nation's past. The monsters who destroy must be punished. Civilization must be restored. To effect this, Mayor Bowser must be removed from office, and power of the District placed in the hands of the nation's leaders.

By Hugh Murray

Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 2, 2020 analysis of the Riots in America

To All,   A friend wrote me an email and asked for my comment.  I knew Irvin back in my youth in New Orleans, and his sister was my youth group advisor at the Unitarian Church.  You might find the discussion interesting.    Hugh Murray

Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 14:22:12 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Hugh
My current analysis is that the civil war never actually ended, but only a cease fire has existed over the years. Now one side has decided to end the ceasefire and resume the conflict until the other side is completely humiliated. The other side doesn’t really want to resume hostilities and has been caught unawares and unprepared to resume these hostilities. Any comments?
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 17:22:50 GMT
Irvin,  This is not the resumption of the American Civil War, tho the early targets - Confed. generals, Confed. monuments may have made it so appear.  This year they moved quickly from Robert E Lee and PTG Beauregard to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, founders of this nation, but slave owners.  The mobs attacked the Lincoln Memorial in DC, and Lincoln statues in the North, as well as Gen. Grant (hardly a Confed.)   In Boston they attacked the plaque to Col. Shaw (Unitarian abolitionist, and officer of the Mass. 54th Reg. in the Civil War, the first Black troops recruited).  The mob is attacking America and the West.   Andrew Jackson, the hero of New Orleans.  Had he lost NO, the treaty might have been revised to give Britain much of the huge Louisiana Terr.  The mob, the Dems. hate America.  And they hate the West.  Columbus made America possible.  Now the Ohio city that bears his name is embarrassed, and his statues are under attack there.  In this state's capital, Madison, Wisconsin, where a leftwing Dem governor and and even more rad mayor of Madison permitted riots in the area around the state capitol, one wonders how long it will be before the city's name is changed - Madison owned slaves.  To be in align with the new mood, I have suggested they replace Madison with: Stalindale, or MaoTown. or IdiAminVille.
   The mobs are inspired by a combo of Marxism and Black racism,nationalism, sprinkled with simple crooks and thugs.  The mobs were also fueled by the corona virus lockup of healthy young people, bursting out from school closings, sports closings, and the only permissible way to break the lock-downs at home was to partake in the Dem approved "peaceful protests" against police.  So the innocents joined the mobilizers and the Dems cheered them on (of course the media did too), and the Republicans tried to ignore the mobs, or the lib Republicans like Romney joined in the mob's procession.
   The issue is Western Civ versus multicultural madness, law and order vs. anti-white racism, elevating Black crime and criminals, vs. work and creativity, open borders and special benefits for all newcomers especially illegal ones who refuse to assimilate, vs basic rights and privileges of American citizens.
    They are also demanding a new national anthem, like W. Guthrie's This Land is Your Land or Lenon's Imagine.  The one we have is difficult to sing and was not officially adopted until the 1930s.  Still, why choose an anthem written by a British subject or an American Communist (Guthrie)?  I would prefer that we return to the earlier, unofficial anthem, Columbia, the gem of the Ocean.
     All the best,  Hugh


Saturday, May 30, 2020


To All,  
 With all the protests, rioting, looting, and burning of stores throughout the US because a police officer knelt on the neck of the Black man, George Floyd, kneeling for over 8 minutes and killing the suspect, yet something about Minneapolis and police killings is never mentioned.  In all the numerous stories about the incident, and the telling video that accompanied the stories, there is no mention of the July 2017 incident in Minneapolis in which a Black police officer shot and killed an unarmed white woman (who had earlier called the police worried about a possible rape in her back yard).  The story probably would never have been allowed to reach beyond Minneapolis (the national media have no desire to hype Black on white killings) except for the fact that Justine Diamond was not an American but an Australian, and the Australian government protested what had happened to her.  There were no street protests, no riots, no looting, no burning of stores.  The Black policeman was charged, found guilty, and now serves a 12 year sentence.  In addition, her family was paid $20 million by the city, of which the family donated $2 million to fighting gun violence.  While Floyd is now a name on the international scene, the media have buried the information about the Diamond case with her.
   There is a great contrast in the way the media treat white on Black crime, and Black on white crime.
    Hugh Murray


To All,
     Good news to those who watch late-night comedy shows.  Jimmy Fallon, star of NBC's The Tonight Show, has just qualified to run as a Democrat for Governor of the state of Virginia.
     He qualified when an old video of his stint on Saturday Night Life surfaced in which he appeared pretending to be another comedian, Chris Rock.  To do this effectively, Fallon was in black face.  Of course, even defending black face as a possible Halloween costume probably contributed to the termination of NBC's contract with Megan Kelly.  But Fallon is a known liberal, like the present governor of Virginia (in in younger years appeared in black face and in a KKK gown), so Fallon may keep his Tonight job.
     Democrat Governors and Mayors continue to keep lock downs of many businesses, even threatening those who open up with fines and arrests.  But last night, in many Democratic run cities, there were protests against a policeman's knee on the neck of a downed Black, George Floyd, accused of passing a counterfeit $20 bill.  The weight of the cop was sufficient to kill the suspect, and protests have erupted throughout the nation.  The penalty for passing a bad note should not be death.  However, not all of the protests are peaceful, especially after dark.  Not just in Minneapolis, where the knee death occurred, but in many cities, after dark, the crowds became mobs that looted and burned stores, even here in Milwaukee, but also in Atlanta, Houston, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc.  What is interesting is that even with more cops on the street, even supported by National Guard troops, they look on, but do not stop the rioters.  Lesson to be learned: Democrats will arrest someone who wants to open his legitimate business, like a barber shop, but will not arrest those who want to loot a store or burn it down.  Even if the arsonists are not wearing a mask for the virus!  Once again, the pro-crime nature of the Democrats is demonstrated for all to see.
     Hope everyone remembers this in November.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"Novel" Memoir Skips Much of Interest

Review by Hugh Murray

One recipe for comedy is to juxtapose the anticipated and expected to, or replace it with, the incongruous. (This is not a joke.) One common example: “Seven days without God makes one weak.” Poetry can be somewhat similar, describing a noun with an unusual adjective, or the adjective with an incongruous adverb. These surprising descriptions can provide amusement to the reader, or they may seem confusing, or profound, or a bit of all. Vuong indulges in much such word play, some simple, some belabored. After telling of the long flights of monarch butterflies from his home in Connecticut to Mexico, he compares a book's page to a folded monarch's wings. Then, when they open, will they fly away with the book? Too heavy. Admittedly, some of his comparisons are poetic, and the reader can pause to ponder. But sometimes the comparisons add nothing to the prose nor to the thought. It is simply another stop sign on the road through this “novel” memoir.

Vuong provides portraits of his grandmother Lan, his mother Rose, and shorter, more narrow sketches of his “grandfather” Paul, and his slightly older teen-age lover Trevor.

But there is so much that is NOT there! Vuong, born in Saigon in 1988 is brought to America when he was 4 to live in poverty in a poor section of Hartford, Connecticut. How did he get to the US? With his mom and grandma at that time? His father too? All together, or in spurts? The dad Vietnamese? There is nothing in this book about the boy in school, who knows almost no English, and being Vietnamese, is most likely smaller than most other kids his age. How was he treated? And mistreated? Who, if any, befriended him? How did this affect his character? Much of the book is about his mother (indeed, the book is an epistle to her). However, even when he sets off for a job on a tobacco farm at age 14, was this mainly for financial reasons, or because of disappointments in school? Working with tobacco his first day, his co-workers address him in Spanish, assuming he is another of the illegal aliens working there. Vuong was soon treated kindly by the Hispanic lead worker, who assigned him a task he could do (with effort). Working there, the lad meets Trevor, the 17-year-old white son of the farm's owner; Trevor, like the hired hands, also works the fields. They hit it off, and in time, engage in sex after work. After various explorations, the innocent boys are both shocked and embarrassed to discover that sometimes during anal sex, sh*t happens. One of the few amusing episodes. Like Trevor, Vuong snorts coke, but declining to go along with everything his older friend does and offers, Vuong refuses to inject heroine.

Unlike “white privileged” Trevor, Vuong receives a scholarship to a Brooklyn College. Again, the role of the public school in this transformation is absent. What, how did this happen? I would prefer less poetry and more answers to how a small guy with no English is metamorphed in a decade into a scholarship student in another state? This might be quite a story from which many might learn. Meanwhile, the “privileged” white male Trevor, over does it and dies at 22.

Vuong returns to Vietnam with the ashes of his grandmother, but present-day Vietnam is another absentee from this volume. It might crowd out monarch butterflies flights or cliff jumps by buffaloes.

Perhaps asking for Vuong's survival kit is going too far, but with odds against him, he did survive and do well. Perhaps, the title provides a clue – he and we all are gorgeous. But we know that that is a lie. True, some are gorgeous, but usually for only a short span; and some are not and were never gorgeous; and some are hideous. But on some level after high school, we all learn that as pleasant as eye-candy is, it cannot sustain us; we also require, need, the ugliness of most proteins. For adults, the main meal is soup to nuts, not much eye-candy. This short book is episodic, jumping round in time, explicit on street names in Hartford and other sites, inclusive of some Asian superstitions, echoes of war, somewhat poetic, but omitting so much of what must have been important.