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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


            First the shooting at a school in Connecticut, and then the ambush of firefighters in upstate New York has provided the anti-gun lobby with ammunition to demand restrictions on guns.  President Obama, Democrat Sen. Feinstein, and the media have all heightened their hatred of the American Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, demanding more restrictions on guns, or banning of guns altogether.
            Let us look more closely at the issue.  In New York, the murderous William Spengler had been convicted years ago for killing his grandmother with a hammer.  Why was he not executed then?  LIBERALISM!  He was a vicious murderer, yet he was allowed to live of the taxpayers for 18 years in jail.  When he got out, he went to murder again.  And did so.
            The media stresses that Spengler used weapons like those used in the school shooting in Connecticut.  But had the federals enforced the law already on the books, he should never have had any weapons.  But more is involved.  He had killed.  Why was he not executed?  If you say he was crazy when he killed his grandmother with a hammer, is that really an excuse?  If he were insane, if he were an insane murderer, all the more reason to execute him.  Justice, Dike, is portrayed as a women wearing a blindfold, holding a scale and a sword.  Justice should be blind.  And justice should be equal – if you take a life, you forfeit your own.  Spengler should have been executed after killing his grandmother.  The liberal sickness that infects the justice system prevented Spengler’s execution.  Reform him.  Pay for his incarceration for 18 years.  And the result of the liberal approach – Spengler comes out shooting, killing innocent firefighters trying to save homes and citizens.  GUNS WERE NOT THE PROBLEM.  KEEPING  THE MURDERER ALIVE SO HE COULD KILL AGAIN: THAT WAS THE PROBLEM.  Just a few days ago in Wisconsin, a convicted murderer attacked a prison guard, and the prison was in lock down.  Had the murderer been executed, the guard might not have suffered. 
            The Connecticut school shooting is different.  A nut case went ballistic.  About 20 murdered.  One hopes the killer will be executed so he cannot return to his forte.  But others have pointed out that last year in gun-control Chicago, some 400 school-age teens have been killed by guns.  But guns are outlawed there.  Yet more were killed in Chicago than in the Connecticut massacre.  One notices it less because the media do not highlight the problems in liberal urbania.
            Many Americans favor the right to own a weapon.  Others vehemently oppose.  Perhaps we might find an area of compromise.  Democrats generally favor gun restrictions; Republicans demand the right to own them.  A compromise might be this: Republicans can continue to purchase and carry guns, while Democrats would lose that right.  As most violent criminals are Democrats, this might well reduce the crime rate.  The Feds might use this law to end the crime-havens like Detroit, placing all Democrats with guns in federal penitentiaries.  The law would have little effect upon Republicans, who are mostly law-abiding anyway. 
              Disarm the criminals in the Black ghettos, and the hoods may become more livable for all the Blacks who reside there.  But that is the last thing the Democrats want to do.  Instead, they seek to disarm law-abiding America so that the criminals can “redistribute the wealth.”  The Democrats, with the trial lawyers organizations behind them, want soft verdicts for criminals.  They opposed the death penalty, and all harsh penalties.  They really do not want penalties: just rehabilitation, re-education, apologies.  But do not punish.  And so crime is so high in America, especially in areas controlled by Democrats.
            Generally, the Democrats are the party of the criminals and pro-crime groups, the lumpen poor and the super rich, the ideological Left, and the illegal aliens. And the welfare crowd.  Sadly, Obama demonstrated that this pro-crime coalition can win a majority of the American voters.  Those who abide by the law, who support the US Constitution, who seek to punish the guilty, we are in the minority now.  But perhaps a compromise is possible.  Outlaw guns for Democrats!  Ban guns in the hands of Democrats; keep them in the hands of Republicans.  Then America can move to a safer, saner future.----------Hugh Murray