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Thursday, September 20, 2018


(2018) Kindle edition
Rev. by Hugh Murray

In his latest book on the JFK assassination, Jerry Kroth tries to include as much as possible of the most recent downloads of Kennedy documents by the Trump Administration. Originally, they were to be kept secret for 75 years, and then the law was changed so many records could be released earlier. Some were, but each time various agencies like the CIA urge continued secrecy. While the major media has generally ignored the most recent opening of files in spring 2018, Kroth read as many as he could and includes some of the surprising findings in his kindle book.

1. Thanks to Kroth, we now know that there were 2 American servicemen stationed in Europe in the fall of 1963 when they overheard electronic chatter. In late October and early November, one stationed in Metz, the other in Scotland, unknown to each other, both heard encrypted chatter about the forthcoming assassination of Pres. Kennedy. One heard that it would occur in Texas in late November, and the accused murderer would be either a Negro or a communist. One of the soldiers heard reference to Guy Banister, then in New Orleans, with ties to the FBI, CIA, and other agencies. (In the summer of 1963 in New Orleans Oswald ran his Fair Play for Cuba outfit from Banister's office.) The two soldiers did not know each other. When both, in different ways, sought to warn higher-ups of what they had heard, both were taken to mental hospitals where they remained for the following 6 months.

2. Kroth's detective work. A letter allegedly written by Oswald in early November 1963 to a Mr. Hunt, asked Hunt about Oswald's role in the operation. Some questioned the authenticity of the letter. However, by finding Oswald's previous unusual misspelling of a word, Kroth is convinced the letter is genuine, and later discusses who the Mr. Hunt might be and Oswald's connection to him.

3. Kroth notes that Oilman H. L.. Hunt's security chief had warned him there might be some trouble along the presidential parade route in Dallas. Kroth thinks that this would make little sense if Hunt were involved in the assassination plot.
4. Kroth believes the Oswald letter was sent to E. Howard Hunt, a man later to be arrested in the Watergate operation.

5. Kroth weaves the deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt with that of James Files, whom Kroth has often interviewed. Files maintains he was the shooter on the grassy knoll. Kroth also presents a list of the likely assassins in Dallas on the 22 November. Interestingly, he does not include Malcolm Wallace, who some believe was a sniper on the 6th floor of the Texas State School Depository Building, and was a known henchman of Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson.
6. In one long paragraph, Kroth indicates how Lyndon Johnson intervened in planning the parade route and in disposing of the limousine following the murder. I shall quote that paragraph near the conclusion of the review.

7. Important for us all in the days of Trump and the media – Kroth indicates how NBC and Dan Rather (CBS), and major media worked to bolster the official line on Oswald, the lone, nut, communist, assassin. Rather, one of the few permitted to view the Zapruder film of the assassination, told America how Kennedy's head was thrust forward with Rather bringing his head down to his chin to illustrate what he had “seen” (visually emphasizing how the shot had come from behind). Years later, 1975, when the American public could see the Zapruder film for themselves, they could also understand how Rather had lied (if they would have remembered).

8. It was not merely the media that may have been pressured to follow the official line. LBJ wanted the special commission to be the final authority on the investigation of the assassination. When he asked Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren to lead the commission, Warren declined and wanted nothing to do with it. LBJ demanded that they meet. Before that meeting, Johnson, from his next-door neighbor FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, received a file on Warren. When Warren arrived and again refused to head the commission, LBJ reminded the Chief Justice of a little incident in Mexico City, described in the file. Warren began to cry and conceded, I will do whatever you want. The black-robed justice yielded to Lyndon's black mail. Apparently Lyndon told this story to Sen. Richard Russell on a taped telephone conversation. We still refer to it as the Warren Commission. Kroth adds that the conclusion of the Commission, while officially endorsed by most political leaders of that time, was often questioned by them off-the-record, such as Representative Hale Boggs (father of Cokie Roberts) and Sen. Richard Russell (the Senate Bldg. Is named for him). Kroth adds that the American public, when polled, also reject the official version of the Oswald, lone-nut, communist assassin. Indeed, he notes that the public usually rejects the Warren Commission version by wide margins.

9. When New Orleans District Atty. Jim Garrison sought to reopen the case and prosecute conspirators involved in the assassination, the FBI sent agents to trail Garrison and his detectives, while the CIA sought to infiltrate Garrison's investigation and sabotage it. On his YouTube discussion, Kroth asserts that many of Garrison's files have still NOT been released by Trump.

10. Kroth provides examples of the media colluding with the federal government to discredit Garrison and even to bribe and turn his witnesses. He could have added that GOP Governors Ronald Reagan of California and James Rhodes of Ohio refused to extradite witnesses Garrison sought for his trial against the conspirators in Louisiana.
11. I am 20th century and had never before used a kindle. Buying a devise and then borrowing a library book on how to read a book, I found frustrating and expensive. I also felt like a 3rd grader. Buying a book to learn how to read at my age and such a price! This book should be in paperback.

12. There are numerous errors of grammar where a word or 2 is missing. On 2 occasions, Kroth identifies George de Mohrenschildt as Oswald's friend in New Orleans. The successful, white Russian had befriended the poor Oswald in Texas, not New Orleans. Because this is an electronic book, there are no page numbers to cite. I also feel that it was rushed to publication, perhaps because of the importance of the newly revealed documents. But is this book that much more informative than Kroth's YouTube discussion of the same material?

Bottom line, this would be an essential book for all interested in the assassination of President John Kennedy, showing how the US government has manipulated the media to cover up questions and accept the official line of the Warren Commission, the FBI, and the CIA. This should be a paperback. As a kindle, its impact is restricted.

Kroth's interesting long paragraph on Lyndon Johnson's activities around the case, can be found at 62%.
“There are still a few academics that believe Johnson should be held above suspicion, but it is hard to develop empathy for their position. When we have such a long history of redacted, censored, and destroyed documents which began in earnest under his watch; when we recall the unsolved execution style murder of Mary Meyer ten months after the assassination – who was about to go public, or Dorothy Kilgallen who planned to do the same; when we learn attempts were made to bribe individuals so they would testify they saw Oswald in Mexico City; when we think of the plethora of witnesses (n=61) who said the shots came from the grassy knoll whom the Warren Commission generally ignored;61 when we recall the suspicious motorcade route which forced the presidential limousine to enter a triangulated killing zone and slow to an almost complete stop; when we reflect on the instantaneous removal of the limousine to Detroit and destruction of evidence of the crime scene, and when we review abject paranoia – every last soul who might have dissented from the Warren Commission conclusions, like Jim Garrison or Mark Lane, it is impossible to see the man who presided over all these events – and who gained so much from them- should be held blameless.”

In his YouTube discussion, Kroth criticizes various mainstream historians. Thus Arthur Schlesinger wrote hundreds of pages about “John Kennedy's Thousand Days” in the White House, and never discussed the President's many trysts with women. Schlesinger contended, they were not important. Kroth retorted that when JFK was bedding a woman who at the same time was mistress to a powerful Mafia boss, that is important. (And J. Edgar Hoover thought it important that Kennedy had a fling with a woman thought to be an East German spy.) Helen Kearns Goodwin, another “court” historian who used to frequent PBS and other television newscasts, may have been too close to some of the subjects of her biographies to be objective. Indeed, like most popular historians, they treat presidents with great respect if not awe.

It is unlikely that the mainstream historians will recognize that in 1963 America experienced a coup d'etat, killing President John Kennedy and covering up the crime with the patsy of Oswald. A Deep State – intelligence officials, high military figures, the Mafia, and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, with varied motivations, were all in on the plot.

A counter-coup occurred beginning in June 1972 with the arrest of the Watergate burglars at the offices of the Democratic National Committee. The robbery, in itself, meant little. However, those arrested included some linked to the White House and some whose names had already been heard in connection to Dallas. Soon the Deep State was on the defensive; was its lawlessness indicative of utter contempt for law. Democrats began investigating this, probing that. Now, the media took the side of the counter-coup. It seemed that the President was involved in the cover up. Support for Nixon, who had been reelected with an overwhelming majority in 1972, plummeted. Finally, Republican Senators informed him, they did not have enough votes in the Senate to stave off an impeachment vote to remove him from office. In August 1974 Nixon resigned. The counter-coup had partially succeeded.  Nixon was removed, but he was replaced by Gerald Ford, a former member of the Warren Commission.

In the 21st century there were changes – in the world, in America, and in the Deep State. In 1990 the Soviet Union unraveled, defeated by Pres. Reagan's hard-line policies against “the evil empire.” While one academic proclaimed “the end of history,” Pres. George H. W. Bush had a chance to restart history with unrivaled power. The Bush family had CIA connections going back decades. He would lead America into a new global era, the New World Order, making alliances of an expanded NATO in both western and eastern Europe, and, following an alliance against the Soviets in Afghanistan with the Muslim Mujaheddin, new possibilities opened. But some of those Muslims also saw new opportunities; they defeated the Soviet Communists in Afghanistan, and beyond. Now they would attack the decadent West. Several illegal aliens flew passenger planes into the World Trade Center, demolishing them, and into the Pentagon, destroying part of it. Another target was spared when passengers fought with the hijackers, leading to the death of all on that plane. But Pres. George W. Bush did not blame Islam. He even walked, hand-in-hand (meaning friendship) with a Saudi prince. On the other hand, Bush led the US into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the election of Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, the pro-Muslim aspects of the new era continued. An Arab Spring led to changes in governments, which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt. The Obama Administration overthrew Libya's government, had subrosa intervention in Syria, helped overthrow Ukraine's pro-Russian leadership, and sought rapprochement with Iran. Obama also tried to defeat Israel's Netanyahu at the polls. Obama had been a boy in a Muslim country, in Hawaii had been mentored by a Black who was a member of the Communist Party, USA, and when he resided in Chicago, was befriended by former terrorists from the Weather Underground. It is not so surprising that under Obama, John Brennan, was promoted to CIA chief, even though (or because) he had voted in 1976 for Gus Hall, candidate of the CPUSA. Indeed, by the close of the Obama Administration, the new Deep State was composed of the old Left, Brennan, anti-Vietnam War veteran John Kerry, and other high officials in the State Dept., FBI, and military.

This Deep State is the enemy of Donald Trump. They went after his advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, to destroy someone who would contribute to dismantling their New World Order. They would use a story of Trump hiring prostitutes to piss on the bed where the Obamas had slept in Moscow to promote media reaction against Trump and stories of Russian collusion. I need not go on, as it is a continuing story. The new Deep State is determined to sabotage the nationalist, populist administration of Pres. Trump. The question is, how far will they go to prevent him from changing course, from withdrawing from global warming treaties, from opposing Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and such groups while supporting Israel and other Muslim groups. From closing the borders to invaders. Will the new Left Deep State and its media minions merely obstruct, merely “resist?” Or will it redefine resist?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


     Christine Blasy Ford is not alone! The woman who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct may have support from other victims.
     Democrats are in luck. More women are coming forth to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. First, there is Crystal Mangum, whom you may recall from the incident at Duke University. She maintained she was assaulted by members of the Duke U. men's lacrosse team. Because of her, the team was disqualified for the rest of the season and members of the team were charged under various forms of sexual misconduct. Surely, she is a credible witness. She is courageous enough to add her voice against nominee Kavanaugh.
     Second, Tawana Brawley has resurfaced to say she seems to recall an incident in a trash bag in some state some years ago; her memory is fuzzy about the details, but she is sure the attacker was Brett Kavenaugh. She is willing to testify, and thinks that civil rights activist Al Sharpton, and host on CNN, will again be beside her when she makes her charges.
     A surprise note came from the elderly Victoria Price. She said she was raped on a freight train in 1931 near Scottsboro, Alabama, by several Blacks, and after the first trials, 8 were sentenced to death. (Those verdicts were overturned and the cases went on for years). Price is older now, but is certain the man who accosted her about 20 years ago in some state was Kavanaugh.  The details she "disremembers."
     And when visiting Washington, DC a few years ago, Anita Hill ordered a can of Coke in a restaurant. She spotted a pubic hair on the can. She is certain the hair was that of Judge Kavanaugh's. He was humiliating her in a sexual way, even though he was not visible at the restaurant at that time.
     Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Dem., Cal.) is urging a delay in the Judiciary Committee hearings until testimony can be heard from these courageous women to tell how they were victimized.
     By Hugh Murray
For those outside of the US who may not be familiar with the back stories, this is satire.  In these cases the charges made by the women proved to be lies (or at best, unsubstantiated) and the men were the victimes.