The judge made clear that she was not striking down the program — which remains an important tool for law enforcement — but requiring the city to use that tool in a way that does not discriminate against African-Americans and Hispanics and that comports with constitutional guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure. Given the city’s refusal to alter its practices significantly, Judge Scheindlin had little choice but to appoint an outside monitor to oversee sweeping changes in how the New York Police Department trains its officers and carries out the stop-and-frisk policy. ....

My comment: 
  • Hugh Murray
  • Milwaukee
The real racial discrimination of stop and frisk is about to begin. The muggers, many of whom are colored, will stop, frisk, and rob many whites. What is always lost in discussions by liberals is the color of crime. The police are not profiling for race, but for possible criminal activity. Stats show Blacks and minorities far more likely to commit street crimes than other groups.
Liberal judges and elite commentators might reside in a ghetto area for a year, and they might change their opinion of police, and frisking the suspicious folks.
Liberals want to restore the crime-ridden, murderous era of Mayor David Dinkins, with over 2,000 killed a year. If the judge's ghastly ruling is not reversed, expect violent crime to rise.
Oh, I have been racially profiled. No big deal if it prevents crime. I lived in China where I was certainly a minority. One would hope that New York could cut its crime rate to that of a large city like Beijing.